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  1. duvari


    He is using Shaidar Haran specifically, in name and description -- as well as an image from the Wheel of Time wiki, and acting as if his character created Shaidar Haran. There's no mention of being inspired by anything, and I think he's taken a couple other characters as well and done the same sort of thing. It made me a little uncomfortable, and I haven't said anything yet just because I want to do the right thing. I definitely understand fanfiction, and I can respect that but this felt a little off to me. Maybe it's just me, but it seemed wrong to be roleplaying this character with a bunch of people with not a single mention of inspirations or anything.
  2. duvari


    OK! Well, there is an individual using things directly taken from The Wheel of Time (even so far as using images directly from the Wheel of Time wiki), and making his own story with them but not really crediting anyone for the ideas. It is a completely different universe he has inserted stuff from WoT into. What would you guys recommend that I do? Should I link it to someone, or say something to this individual myself?
  3. duvari


    What is considered "fanfiction", and what is considered outright plagiarism? I ask this because I recently saw some information written by an individual in another community entirely, that was blatantly from The Wheel of Time. I don't necessarily want to start any trouble, but as someone who is an artist (and what is writing if not an art?), this always alarms me a little bit. Input?
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