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  1. Ah, fair enough. Something about the way it ended just put me off in that regard, I think. He could have just begged Rand to Balefire him; it's not like at that point he was worried about the consequences to the Pattern. :P Poor guy. I really feel for the dude and would have loved more chapters or a companion book from his POV.
  2. Hi all! I started reading the books about 10 years ago in high school, and played the Wheel of TIme MUD (WOTMUD) almost as long. I have been browsing the wotwiki a lot and it made me nostalgic here, especially since I found out about River of Souls. I could never really get into stuff like GoT, but WoT holds a big place in my heart.
  3. I was talking in an IRC group about some of the things we liked and disliked about the final book and ending sequences, and I brought up why I liked the character of Moridin. But that also left me wondering... Did Moridin get a personal victory when Rand won? From what I recall (it's been a few years since I read the books), Moridin saw the cycle as a prison for him, and wanted the Shadow to win purely to escape that more than caring about who was right/wrong. Did Rand release Moridin from the cycle, or is he going to be reborn like he claims he always was to face the Dragon in every Turn?
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