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  1. Thanks! I like writing, and I'll look around the societies.
  2. So for some questions: 1) I am currently reading all of the guides and rules that have been posted by Staff members above. I've heard several references to Role Playing? What (briefly) do people do there? 2) What are these societies I keep hearing about? I'm looking into it, and I'll probably have it answered soon enough, but if anyone reads this and feels like answering, please do. Thanks for listening to my newbie questions :-)
  3. Hello Wheel of Time fans, I just joined this forums, after reading all of the WOT books. I've loved those great beauties for eight months, and I am almost done with New Spring. Anyway, as you may have guessed, Morimat is my spirit animal. I googled Morimat (for the one-hundredth time) and results came up. Unfortunately they did not credit my glorious invention, so I made an account for it. Anyway, I hope to have a great time on the forums and k can't wait to get started.
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