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    Movies, Books, Games, Bar-B-Que, working out, travel, Disney, Fishing, Road Trips, Film, Adventures and so much more! Basically my goal is to experience and enjoy the life God gave me.
  1. Beyond the Blue Moon: by Simon R. Green. Its just fun, plain fun which is what i need to help me out of my post WOT depression. I recently finished WOT and its so strange not to have another one to look forward to.
  2. Michael Kramer and Kate Reading are the voices of the Wheel of Time. I read the first 4 books then switched to the audiobooks for the remaining. Having them pronounce words was incredibly helpful and they also gave life to characters that I normally would not have cared about and just read through quickly. They got better with time and obviously were vary comfortable with the parts.
  3. I tell you I almost always hated all Aes Sedai when they were dealing with anyone other then Aes Sedai. It just seemed when Aes Sedai were dealing with the “normal” people of the world they could never do so in a caring, kind or genuine manner. It always comes across as we know better then you and you would not understand why. Did not matter who it was it always infuriated me to no end. Yet when they were interacting with other Aes Sedai its only then did we see their true character and I gained some appreciation for them. Not surprisingly this also why I did not like Fortuona for much of the story, it seemed you could only appreciate her when she was alone with Mat.
  4. I’m glad someone brought up this question because it is something I really liked and did not realize. I read to follow the big developments but the little sequences really make them up. The two scenes that come to mind both involve Rands father Tam. Towards the end of the series there were two sequences with Tam that, the first was when he faced down an Aes Sedai and he said something to the effect of a bully is a bully no matter the tool. In that moment that humble farmer showed one of the most powerful people in the world that their station does not matter if they have no honor. The other scene is when Tam and Rand faced off in a sparing circle and Tam tied off one of his hands to make the playing field level. Their communication had been strained since Rand left and he became the dragon reborn. I think Rand felt as if he could not afford the luxury of a parent because someone might try to hurt him through him. And Tam kind of knew that so he kept his distance so Rand would not be distracted. Yet in that time they completely reconnected as father and son, not man and boy but man to man father and son. They reconnected not by long discussion but by quality time together. I thought it was the most beautiful moment in the saga.
  5. Next time you swear around her just say "Blood and Bloody Ashes" and see if she catches it. Or you can ask her if she wants a cookbook from a Trolloc's perspective.
  6. Hey guys thank you for the warm welcome. It is so comforting to see so much content that feels familiar. Though as I’m going through many of the threads I can say it’s a little overwhelming. Are there any suggestions on where to start? I am looking maybe to start just discussing thoughts on the books and then branch out to the more varied content.
  7. Hello all, My name is Crossplains and I have not had any Wheel of Time for 48 hours and I don't know if I can make it. You see the main reason I am here is because I finally let myself finish the series after slowly working my through it for just over a decade. Once I started with eye of the world it seemed that there was always a new book to look forward to. Yet you see Friday afternoon I finished reading MOL and when I woke up Saturday morning I realized this was the first time I would not have a WOT book to look forward to. I guess I'm feeling withdraw and I'm looking to get my fix so I'm hoping this is a place where I can discuss the book with other people who may have been affected by it in a positive way. Also I guess I should say a little about myself. Like most people there are some interesting parts to my life and some mundane parts. I enjoy many types of literature but I find myself drawn to books and entertainment that expand on the good parts of the human experience. Typically I find myself in the Fantasy and Science fiction section of library's. I'm mid 30's and live in beautiful Virginia about an hour outside of DC. Honestly life is good, but i'm really looking forward to sharing my love of WOT with people on this site because my normal circle of friends does not include many who appreciate science fiction and fantasy. Crossplains
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