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  1. Nobody I've tried to get to read it has either, though none of them have sworn not to. My sister likes some fantasy (ASoIaF) and she says she'll read it one day, but I don't think she ever will. I think the length puts people off. One of my friends won't read anything longer than a trilogy, and says he's read mixed reviews on amazon that make him think it won't be good. He also now thinks it's sexist since I explained that women can use magic but men will go insane if they use it. I think I'm going to try reading a passage to my sister to show her how good it is. I'm thinking the trolloc att
  2. There aren't really any characters in the series I hate. Faile and Tuon come the closest, though I mostly just find Faile annoying, and with Tuon it's because of her Seanchan mindset which she can't help. I'm not fond of any of the forsaken, but find them quite fun to read about, whilst Gawyn and Galad are the opposite. I like their characters but find them quite dull to read about and it's frustrating that they're too set in their own beliefs to see the reality.
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    Thanks for the info about the social groups. Are you finding with your re-read that you notice a lot of stuff that you missed or have forgotten about since your last read? I'm always finding stuff like that. I think it's one of the reasons I love this series so much- every time I read it there's something new to discover, whether about a plotline or a character's motivations.
  4. The line that always chokes me up is in the epilogue of AMoL Had to put the book down for a while the first time I read that.
  5. I think one of the things I like most about WoT is how well the small, less dramatic moments in the series are written. I'm guessing that most of us love to read about scenes like Dumai's Wells and the Veins of Gold, but I'd be interested to know which of the more minor scenes in the series people like. Here are a couple of mine: There's a moment at the start of tSR, just after Rand has been attacked by his reflections from the bubble of evil. Moiraine tries to get him to move out of rooms and rest elsewhere, and he refuses. As they're talking, Rand glances behind him at a chest that's cov
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    Thank for the welcomes. I've read the whole series, just started my third re-read (nearly at the end of EotW). I think my favourite group of people would have to be the Aiel, I love their culture and dark sense of humour. As for favourite characters, I'd have to go with Rand, Logain and Aviendha. I also find Ishamael/Moridin quite fun to read about, in a kind of love to hate way. So far I've mostly been looking at how the site works, looking into some of the Social Groups and reading some of the discussions. Just kind of getting to grips with things.
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    Hi everyone! Been lurking around here for a while, and I finally got around to joining. I first started reading the books about 3 years ago when I needed something to read whilst commuting to university, and I ended up getting completely hooked on them. Looking forward to exploring the site properly and getting to talk about WoT with other fans. :-)
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