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  1. Allright thanks, yeah i wasn't sure if the a'dam Elayne made for moghedien had other differences besides the lack of the leash part.
  2. I think they could be severed then re-healed with saidin and return to full strength but i don't see this actually happening in AMOL. It's too minor. I have a different question though. Can being burnt out be healed? It seems like the wound is different. There was a scene in Ebou Dar where Setalle Anan, who was burned out, cant where the a'dam period. Stilled Siuane and leane can where the a'dam they just cant make it work. Has this been answered anywhere?
  3. I don't know if I'd call it desperate since most people don't really like the theory. It's just there's quite a few events that fit it; Mins viewing, 2 of egwenes dreams, the one mentioned above and another where she touches rand's face and it shatters. I'm sure a lot of people want Rand to live but i still wouldn't call this theory desperate in any way. It seems like he will live somehow. All the "he who is dead yet lives", and the "to live you must die" prophecies kind of point that way.
  4. I'd say the blues are almost the embodiment of all aes sedai. I mean aes sedai naturally meddle with rulers and causes and think they know best of everyone. But the blue ajah just comes out and says yeah we try make the world run the way it should. They meddle and pull strings. Their goal is to keep the world in...harmony. Hence the reason they have such an extensive network of eyes and ears.
  5. Experience wouldn't be the only factor though. This is a very hypothetical discussion and I don't personally believe that Rand will take charge but say there was a leader for the asha'man and a leader for the Aes Sedai then there is no doubt that besides the forsaken who i don't think will be applying for the job Rand is one of the most experienced male channelers. Other than that though you have to look at the word experienced. I don't think this hypothetical leader would be chose due to experience if you take experienced to mean who's done it the longest. That would mean Logain and whoever the oldest currently active aes sedai is(Cadsuane?). If you were referring to knowledge of different weaves I'd say Rand knows more than most Aes Sedai. Certainly before Nynaeve, Elayne, and Egwene went public with all of Moghediens teachings. He does remember most of what he gets from Lews Therin. Politically speaking for a time there he was juggling the nation of Tear, the Aiel Nation, Cairhien, Andor, and Illian. Granted he had some rebellions and uncontrolable circumstances(Couladin and the Shaido, Rahvin causing chaos in Andor) but other than that he did a decent job. He cares for the commoners and handles the nobles through force but only when they continually work against him. Remember even before he came to those nations most were under dictatorships where the rulers no doubt did the same thing. Morgase cared for the people as a ruler and I'm sure if she had nobles working against her in a time of crisis she'd set them down just the same. So basically i don't understand your comment as to why he would do poor politically. Maybe he wouldn't enjot it but he'd do fine. Anyway even if Rand is qualified physically, mentally, politically, and whateverelsely after TG I don't see him ruling anywhere. Not sure why i just don't see it happening. So my choices if their was a head of each after TG would be Egwene and Logain. Egwene is the rebel aes sedai amyrlin and logain is the head of the faction that opposes Taim in the black tower, plus he has that glory thing going for him so they seem like logical choices.
  6. He was healed in TDR. Verin took him, Nynaeve, Egwene, and Elayne back to the tower. This was following everything that happened in Falme which ended TGH. Hurin was also with them most of the journey. TSR is the book right after TDR.
  7. Not being snotty just pointing out that while I've stated that we see that ta'veren twist fate all the time in the books, which could easily cause or be seen as great luck, your claim that it's the dagger from shadar logoth has no evidence. Why would the taint of shadar logoth = luck? As to your claim that Mat is luckier than Rand and Perrin maybe it's because Rand and Perrin don't consider luck to be nearly as important as mat, who is a gambler and a general, so being ta'veren doesn't effect them that way. Or maybe they are just as lucky they just don't spend their time gambling. Anyway we can't rule out the dagger since we have no examples of mat's luck prior to it, but we also don't have any examples of any of them twisting fate before the dagger either. It was just to early on in the series. I understand that you don't have the books but at least list the exact reasons you think the dagger is the cause of his luck. I mean so far all i've got, and let me know if i missed something, is that he didn't get lucky until sometime after he had the dagger which hardly proves anything(see above)and your claim that he is luckier than rand and perrin. Also just as a nitpick Mat didn't gamble with nobles until tSR when he played chop with Tairen lords. tGH-Tar Valon inns, an inkeeper for horses, a tairen ship captain, and comar in Tear. TGH- Shienarans *Edited in quote.
  8. A lot of people on here like GRRM's a song of Ice and Fire seies. It's a bit more on the realistic side than WoT. It's more graphic, there's more death, less magic and a lot more betrayal. I've read the 4 that are currntly out and they are very good. The characters are very real, some you absolutely love and some you absolutely hate. I'd recomend giving it a try.
  9. Umm no the books never show perrin causing wedding anywhere. Really we have every reason to believe that mats luck is due to being ta'veren and none supporting either the dagger or the healing. Nowhere in the books does any type of healing have some weird after effect other than the person gasping when it happens. Nowhere do the books mention that the taint of shadar logoth cause unbelievable good luck. Ta'veren twist fate. The only way someone could be as lucky as mat is if fate was being twisted. In TDR he rolls five crowns with dices weighted to land on 3 crowns 2 roses. Thats gotta be twisting fate. Ok your right rand has an unfortunate life in many ways, i mean he's fated to die. But still any situations where he could have died easily and yet lived could in a way be considered good luck. Fate twisted. An arrow just missed him...whatever. I mean mat is probaly going to be losing an eye soon,(not definite just the most accepted theory so far), if that happens would you consider him no longer lucky? We don't see rand as being lucky at dice because he doesn't ave time to play dice. And if he did it is most likely everyone would throw the king or something of that sort since he twists fate even more than Mat or Perrin. Yes all Ta'veren effect those around them(Mat convinces the sea folk to follow Nynaeve and Elayne in a CoS and perrin convinces people to move from their farms to edmonds field in tSR), it's just rand does it to a much larger scale. The main point i was trying to make is Mat's luck is directly due to being Ta'veren. Try giving some evidence to the contrary.
  10. The breaking the prophecies speak of could just be the fact that the world will be in chaos and war will spring up just about everywhere. Certainly the seanchan are likely to be one major difficulty. It will be chaos. I can't remember exactly but wasn't Elaida building or planning on building a palace for herself that would have a spire as tall as the white tower. I remember reading that but i can't remember if it was just Elaida daydreaming or something. I mean i know she's conceited but her own palace? Anyway if the white tower does survive i think that would be a likely place for the asha'man to set up. Logain also seems like the possible future head of the Asha'man since min sees that glory in his future.
  11. Quote Mathias: "Whatever the case, I think his luck surpasses general run-of-the-mill good luck and passes into the realm of supernatural assistance. That could just be his being ta'veren, but Rand, for one, certainly doesn't have that great of luck so I don't think ta'veren is the sole reason." Ok first off Rand is lucky. In TGH (p.150) he pulls his horse around just before an arrow streaks through where he used to be and instead scratches the Amyrlin and kills someone else. In PoD he leaves his rooms just before they are completely destroyed by Osangar and the rogue asha'man. Those are just two instances where he was very lucky not to die. Rand, who is more powerfully Ta'veren seems to have a greater effect on everyone surrounding him than mat does. i.e. he's near some people dicing and suddenly no one rolls anything but 5 sixes. I'm fairly confident mat's luck is just part of his being ta'veren. He speculates that it has something to do with the healing or dagger but thats just because at the time he's still in complete denial that he IS tav'eren. As mat became more powerfully ta'veren his luck got better. Just like rand. Originally mat only "won more than he lost " and rand had some wild adventures like meeting elayne and gawn but as the story progresses and they become a bigger part of the pattern their "twisting of fate" seems to increase as well. As in suddenly rand can walk into a town and every single person gets married while mat can walk into an inn and never lose at dice. Quote Barmacral: "Mat did do some dice games in TGH, however, I don't recall how much luckier than the rest he ever was, and there is the very beginning of TDR when Hurin comments on how they always gambled for coppers... not enough evidence either way to say whether or not his luck was in." Actually it does imply that his luck was in. TDR- "We gambled for coppers, Nynaeve, and he(Hurin) would not even do that after a while." This implies that mat won much more than hurin did. Also in The Great Hunt mat dices with the shienarans and wins much more than he loses. Barmacral "And from what I understand, a person is not always ta'veren, but rather that a person becomes ta'veren at a certain point of their life, and after the sway of events that they were supposed to effect have come to pass, they will go back to being normal. If this is the case, then I suspect that Mat Rand and Perrin became Ta'veren shortly before Moiraine showed up in Emonds Field. (Well, Mat and Perrin in any case, Rand was probably always Ta'veren)" There is no evidence anywhere that rand was always ta'veren. I suppose someone could make the argument that he could have been since the pattern would want to ensure he lived seeing ah how important he would be to the whole world, but then again that would mean mat and perrin were also always ta'veren as well since they are also crucial to the pattern. I just don't know.
  12. We found out that Siuan can see Ta'veren in The Great Hunt when she talks to Moraine and mentions that Rand was so greatly Ta'veren he frightened her. We know Logain can see Ta'veren from one of the middle books(Somewhere btwn SR and LoC). He saw Rand in Caemlyn and knew that he(Rand) would do more damage t the world than he(Logain) had done. I cant remember who he was talking to at te time. Probably Siuan/Leane/Min.
  13. Yes I see your point about all the difficulties that would emerge if in fact Cairhien and Andor merged. And your definitely right about the Cairhiens attitudes when Rand is dead i was mainly addressing the Galad claims Cairhien before Tarmon Gaidin issue, once Rand is gone who knows what will happen in Cairhien or anywhere.
  14. She had a foretelling of him standing at the heart of all the turmoil and strife but that's it. She may have suspected something like taveren from the fact that he claimed to be a farmer with a heron marked sword who accidentally fell into the royal garden right next to the daughter heir and her brother and then brought on the previously mentioned foretelling, but I don't remember her claiming to be able to see taveren anywhere.
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