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    Other than The Wheel of Time. I am a big geek. I love comics and movies and books. My father is comic book artist so i grew up with comics all around me. I draw myself you can find me at deviantart but i havet updated in a long time!
  1. I think it is why i keep rereading the series and telling myself i missed something... its an addiction!!
  2. I just started a re-read myself, i am about half way through the wheel of time. i dont know how many re-reads ive done. When the new books woudl be released i would re-read the series timing it so i would be done in time to read the new book!! they are awesome. And im with you i love the Aiel!
  3. I joined and left and came back, so we are in a similar spot! :)
  4. Those both sound like 2 good places to start!! i think i will check them both out, tonight if i have time!
  5. That is good advise, i need to take some time wandering around more.
  6. Hopefully. I am the mother of two sons, one age 25 and one age 18. The last thing I wanted was a mama's boy. Raising them has been the pleasure of my life but the sweetness really comes now as I get to see them as good men. Thanks, He has been a complete joy. And i know she feels the same. As a dad, who gets to see things differently it has been fun to watch the relationship between mom and boy. Though the daddy - son relationship is much more fun!! we get to watch Star Wars and chase each other around the mall with light sabers!!! Though speaking of my boy, the other day for a birthday gift my parents gave me the first 5 volumes for the Eye of the world graphic novel, and since that is much less intimidating for an 11 year old he is excited to read them to see why his dad keeps re-reading the same books!
  7. Only on the Dragon Reborn, such great things ahead in the books for you.
  8. Your a real newbie!! I excited for your journey through the books
  9. Lots of great things to come in the books, and oh to be 16 again....
  10. Oh, it is just as a teenager you think dressing like a bum and being mean to girls will get you somewhere. Then you get older and learn how to behave around the opposite sex a little bit more comfortably. Thats all really... I havent ventured around any other groups yet, any suggestions?
  11. i fully agree!!! though there are some things that i know now that may have been dangerous to know as a kid in highschool
  12. Ya well me and him have an argument every year coming up to his birthday, i go are you sure you want to get older i think going back to like 8 or younger is a great idea. And he says yes dad i am getting older
  13. I am actually more worried about his Mom. He is Mommys little boy and i dont think she wants any other girls taking him from her!! lol Of course she says that now that he is still little and i am sure that will change drastically in a few years
  14. Oh he is smooth... i fear the day he is a teenager and finds out this stuff works on other girls too!
  15. Oh he knows, he is too smart because after pestering me he goes and tells his mom how beautiful she is and how young she looks!! the kid is a master manipulator!!!
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