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  1. Hey guys, I am back with another question about something Rand did that makes literally no sense to me. The other points I asked about in my other thread the people here gave some great answers for, changing my mind completely on a couple of things and at least making me realise my thoughts on the others weren't as clear cut to other people... So here goes... Rand knows that Masema is completely insane, causing absolute havoc and destruction because people aren't faithful enough to the Light given flesh and whatnot. Clearly the only person in the world who can actually control Ma
  2. I find this unlikely because you must bear in mind Lanfear has just shielded and is now hurting Elayne and Aviendha who are both very strong (maybe she tied these off). She is also trying to shield Rand using all of her remaining strength and he is just managing to hold her off. If she somehow did get distracted and react to Moiraine, Rand would be able to shield her or fight back in some non-lethal way. More importantly there are plenty of times in the books where someone can take hold of and then channel Saidar before the other person can react, it happens all the time. Maybe I am wrong here
  3. Hi everyone, firstly I will mention that I have only just finished a Crown of Swords, so no spoilers if you can help it please. I am a big fan of the WoT books so far, but a fair few times I have noticed things I would suggest are plot holes, or at least that there are times when characters act irrationally and in a way just doesn't make sense compared to the alternatives, or don't do something that seems pretty obvious. Often it is just keeping a secret that there is no need to keep. There are a ton of examples on this great list, especially "in the why don't they just" section, with
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