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  1. Ha sorry. I thought the title implied there would be spoilers. Added a warning. Sorry bro
  2. SPOILERS I’ve just finished!! I started this series when I was an adolescent 10 years ago but stopped reading at book 10 or 11. I recently got back into reading in a big way so I smashed the series out in two months :D Here are my thoughts on the series, I’m sure they’ve all been heard before but I just need to get them out there. Brandon did a great job. It was always going to be tough pulling a whole universe like WoT together, you see it in projects like this all the time, they are so ambitious and then they don’t know how to finish it. The writing improved with Brandon too, although overall the characters maybe lost a bit of depth. Robert Jordan’s writing was so irritating at times. I literally didn’t read whole paragraphs of useless description he put in there, mundane things such what the wall hangings look like. Brandon’s style of switching between characters quickly was much more effective then Robert’s chapter after chapter of boring characters as well, kept the pace of the book up, although maybe this was only possible because it was the climax of the series. Characters: Egwene: YES! I whooped and ran around the house when she died. What an arrogant and insufferable person. Elayne: Her politics chapters were sooo boring. Overall she scrapes through as a pass, but she was often as infuriating as Egwene. Aviendha: Great character, except for the fact that she likes the so often annoying Elayne so much for absolutely no reason at all. Mat: He was so great, he was a bit of a superhero really. I don’t know why he didn’t take on Dem himself with the foxhead, it’s not like he can lose in a 1 on 1 combat. There also wasn’t enough POV Mat loving from other characters in this series. Perrin: At times he was so boring and other times he was great, I guess he’s just your average bloke. An average bloke who also happens to be Ta'veren. Rand: Overall he was great and exciting, I thought dark Rand was bad ass as hell, he should have used the true power a bit more. Zen rand was even more bad ass though. I was hoping Rand with his zen as hell new powers was going to set Egwene straight at the battle meeting at Merrilor but somehow she can match the dragon reborn. What a load of rubbish. His ending was good I thought, but its not clear Nyn, Tuon (!), Min, Cads, Brigette were all legends. Scenes/Thoughts: Where was the Mat and Abell reunion!!!! Or with his sister at least? Rand got with his dad, Perrin’s family got slaughtered but he got to chat with his old mentor. I was waiting and waiting for it and it never came! It would have been very funny and satisfying. I think a short scene with Loial at the great stump would have been great. What happened with Perrin and the dark prophecies? Was also hoping for a Perrin Berelain affair, would have spiced things up a bit. Overall Faile was ok, bit of a nutjob though. I was guessing and guessing who Mesaana was and in the end she turns out to be a brown librarian you’ve never really heard of? I love the passages with grey men how they are slipped quietly into the descriptions. The early/mid Aiel scenes were great, especially the banter with Rand - Maidens. In the early/mid part of the series I was waiting for Rand to clean out Machin Shin, but I guess once you discover traveling there’s no real need. Nyn and Moraine didn’t really do much in the last book, Alivia too, bit of a waste of their power although they were of course essential. But Moraine's return was a bit anti climactic, what did she do, took control at the battle meeting and thats it?! Egwene's 'Flame of Tar Valon' counter to Balefire. Ergh cringeworthy. Also who does Rand talk to when he leaves the pit of doom, the same person Avi talked too and who does the body swap? Also I don't really understand what he means 'whens he's mumbling I asked the wrong question blah blah' The Two Rivers doesn’t even make it to being its own country!!!!! Let alone Manetheren. Literlally every character except for Elayne would have gotten behind Manetheren. Very dissapointing. No one was really that creative with the One power, especially in battle, they just throw fire and lightning at each other. I guess it's not really clear how much strength different things use. Overall, the good guys won too much. it all seemed a bit too easy maybe, the forsaken were useless and no-one dies until the last battle!!!!! Except for moraine and you always knew she wasn’t actually dead. I’m not talking like game of thrones where literally everyone dies, but he could of knocked a few off here and there along the way. like Egwene for example. I don’t really know what to do with myself now it’s all over. It really is a very special story with so many incredible powerful moments and climaxes, I have no doubt I’ll re-read it in the future. Farewell Wheel Of Time!
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