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  1. sry for the double post, but i just had to ask. Anyway... the only time i got bored during the books was when the girls got into the tower, and it talked about them for about 150 pages, then went to everyone else for about 30 pages, then went back to the girls for anouther 100 pages. other then that i loved the books and remember staying up late with a book in hand for weeks on end.
  2. although the may have a way to work out them all loving Rand, i don't think they will ever have a threesome. I would also have to say my favorite female character is Min, and my Fav. male is Matt
  3. the most important thing in a movie is the directior, if you have a good director then you will have a good cast. If anyone wants to make a movie on this, they had best have George Lucas, (the director from the origional star wars movies!!!!)
  4. I never really pay attention to character descriptions, i always put a face on them based on their actions. I always have thought of her as sort of asian.
  5. i'm always finding myself lookking through the eyes of the characters. I'll often stop reading after a particularly moving part, and just be like "why didn't they do this""or this". Then over 30 minutes later start reading again. Or i'll be walking down the street, and run into a problem then think "what would matt do...."
  6. Cadsuane is not there just to annoy Rand. If Rand just keeps shrugging off all his feelings and just pretending to be a as steady as a steel beam he is bound to break under too much preasure. He needs to use his feelings as a sheild, not a weakness. If he keeps that up he will lose his feelings alltogether and become everything he is fighting against. That is what Cadsuane made a deal with that Aiel woman to show to break Rand in order to help him learn. P.S. i hope you guys don't think Moraine is out of the picture, i bet you guys $100 she is coming back from the land she and the forsaken went to
  7. I've read all the books once, and now i am funnling knowledge to my friends by giving him each book to read as he progresses through the series. I ask him pretty much where he is in the books, and he tells me, but every time he does i just end up getting confused so i declared that i need to re-read all his books to end my confusal. (and just for the pleasure of emmersing myself in the storyline for a second time)
  8. I'm Gary, i just joined the forums. I love the Wheel of Time books. I think Jordan should just have his mind sucked out and put in a computer so he can make books faster :idea: ....hmmm....where did he say he lived again... lol.
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