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  1. Cadsuane is amazing. She needed to get Rand over his pitty party or he would have lost all credibility with me. Anyone who has the guts to spank a Forsaken is my hero.
  2. I am so glad to know I am not the only one who felt that way about Mat and Perrin. I started out hating Galad, too, until he killed Eamon Valda. I am at book eleven, now if you can't tell. I must admit that I am tearing up as I read this book, knowing that RJ is no longer with us. I will make it to TG, though.
  3. As of now, Galad has officialy been added to my list of favorites, as well as Tuon (the real Tuon).
  4. Not true. There are some good Reds, and I feel strongly that there is a valid reason to have them while the taint exists. Elaida was just a bad example of her Ajah, made a horrible Amyrlin seat due to her biases, and was just an overall embarrassment to the gender.
  5. Moraine was interesting because she was a mystery to me. She was a female version of Allanon from the Shannara series by Terry Brooks, albeit prettier and more petite.
  6. A good villain is fun. Without them, there would be no reason to have a hero to kick around. For that reason, I am fond of Asmodean and even Padan Fain. Mat is awesome just by the way he reacted to Tuon. "She's my wife!" I am only at book 10, though. I truly hope that Mat and his Daughter of the Nine Moons turns out to be a tempestuous relationship more interesting than Perrin and Faile's.
  7. I just love the diversity of views and belief systems in WoT. I love the varied cultures and the fact that no one group is fully righteous. The conflict is so amazing.
  8. We have a least favorite character topic. Where is the love? I have my list of favorites. Topping that list is Cadsuane. She is awesome, and interesting, and I can easily visualize Katherine Hepburn in the role of my beloved green sister. Just because of her sheer awesomeness, I would be more likely to choose green ajah over the rest, though brown is more suited to my personality. What character made the series come to life for the rest of you?
  9. Elaida was duped into deposing Suan Sanche by the Black Ajah, so she didn't really have followers. The Younglings are pretty much her only supporters for a time. Elaida was an easy pawn to manipulate in the first place. It has been 10+ years since I read the series, and I am slowly catching back up again. I hate Elaida. Red Ajah should feel deeply ahamed to have her.
  10. Has anyone else heard the speulation that Egwene is really Latra Posae Decume reborn?
  11. I hate Elaida and her followers, including Gwayn for being such a tool.
  12. Hi, all. I am not exactly new to the forum, but I was inactive for such a long time that I thought it would be polite to introduce myself first. I am picking up the reading from book ten. It has been years since I read book nine, and my knowledge is rusty. I view this series as Robert Jordan's magnum opus, and have to know how it ends. I will try to avoid spoilers, though.
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