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  1. Hi all, May the blessings of the Light be upon you. Im halfway through book 4, shadow rising, and i regret to say in starting to lose interest. I find myself skipping large chunks of chapters just to see if it gets interesting. Not good. Maybe im just in a slump? Does it get better? I dont want to give up this series! Someone motivate me!
  2. Welcome! Its people like you who keep the WoT world alive! It seemed that RJs work got lost in the shuffle of all of those excessively commercialized fantasy franchises. But that is in no way a bad thing! WoT refuses to be the prostitutes of the fantasy genre world!
  3. Hi! I too am a newbie and can do a pretty good posh british accent. Im sure the likeminded (and at times erotic) members herenwill make your stay welcome.
  4. Good question. If i were to dumb it down id say imagine if Tolkien was hooked up to an IV drip containing LSD-25 and meth, he might have produced something like the wheel of time. But a more politically correct answer would be if you want escapism and dont want to resort to vicious hallucinatory chemicals, please read the wheel of time.
  5. Wow, lots of good stories here! I too "graduated" in a sense from Tolkein to Jordan. Its interesting how you remember other things that were happening in your life at the same time.
  6. Great thoughts! Im only up to the 4th book but its already shaping up to be awsome. Its been great to see how the characters develop and i love the rich lore of the world. Thanks for sharing! (PS, in the future fucking learn to use the fucking SPOILER function! Some people, such as myself, might not want to know which character dies!)
  7. Mr Robert Jordan certainly was good at his job. Trollocs, I mean, you cant just make that stuff up. Excellent. PS, welcome.
  8. So? Where were you when you first opened the pages of that first book? I remember i was sitting at my desk in my room on a sunny winter's morning. Having just come home from the bookstore. Skipping the contents and various "dedicated to..." 's i read those first lines. How about you?
  9. Fascinating. Cant wait to keep reading!
  10. Awww nice buy, that! Only in the US... Typical. I can get each book here in Oz for $19.95 each. A little pricey but worth it!
  11. @dawnflower8: i can assure you i hate Min as much as you. She needs to grow up (and shes a bit of a slapper if you ask me).
  12. Wow! So much love for Aussies (and cricket) here! Theres nothing better than reading WoT under the Aussie sun. Naked. Which I have done. Twice.
  13. At the end of the Third book it is revealed that the Aiel are people of the dragon. Huh...? Why or how are they people of the dragon? Thanky wanky
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