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    Beer,Bourbon, NASCAR, and the only sport that really counts..*****Football***** (and I don't mean that girly soccer kinda game)

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  1. Nope. No beer for you BTW. Using the interweb is cheating!!!!!!!!!! it depends what you're using it for. research is fine. and beer is yucky. Heretic!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Nope. No beer for you BTW. Using the interweb is cheating!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Yea more beer!!!!!!!! BTW. Sorry if there's already a Wombat here, but there only One Combat Wombat. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!!! Can you guess the source of my name?
  4. Thaks. I'll try, but there are just so damn few hours in the day.
  5. I'm up to book 8! I wish we had the technology to erase certain memories. I would keep erasing my previous re-readings of WoT and read it again. I think that would last me a lifetime of entertainment. Favourite character is a tough one haha, in a series with so many characters, it is impossible to have just one! From the females, Min and Egwene are definitely up there at the top. Min handles Rand pretty nicely. Nynaeve has her days as does Faile (and then they ruin it somehow :P ) From the males, the three main characters aside (love them all :P ) Lan and Rhuarc are my favs :D I think Mat is the funniest character I've come across in the fantasy genre. All these societies! Making my head spin, not sure where to start! Welcome, but your toilets go the wrong way. Oh idk, maybe you're just looking at it the wrong way ;) No. You damn Aussies are up to something. I know it!!!!!!!!!
  6. Welcome, but your toilets go the wrong way.
  7. Yes. The middle of the middle of nowhere just draws you in... like a black hole..until there is no escape.
  8. Since I am in the middle of the middle of no where, my options are somewhat limited. I would have to say my preferences are Deschutes Obsidian Stout and Crow Peak Pile O Dirt
  9. Howdy I'm a 51 year old proud conservative/libertarian living in South Dakota. I love a good dark beer or a fine Kentucky bourbon.
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