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  1. We seem to have 2 versions here in Oz, the USA published version from tor books and the UK version by published by the little brown book group. Seems only to be a slight cover print diferance and the UK version is + 2 days and a couple $ less. http://www.booktopia.com.au/search.ep?keywords=The+Wheel+of+Time+Companion&productType=917504
  2. Thanks Dice, Offer sounds good but it's just bad timing around then. Still working out the social groups, looks like a lot of fun. I've been aware of DM for a year or so I guess and I'm pretty sure I came across it in one of my many WoT google searches ;) I recently got my WoT spark back when a sword vendor released a new sword that caught my eye that would be an ideal malkieri king sword and I did another Google search and joined up here. Cheers Paul
  3. I was a bit of a latecomer to the books and im definitely a latecomer to this forum. I'm hoping this community isn't dying and is able to maintain the discussion and perhaps grow and expand. Have to say, I'm on a couple of other forums (different interests) and noticed a bit of a decline that I felt was almost tied to the GFC (global financial crises). But recently things seems to have stabilized and grown a bit with a new generation joining the discussions. New readers will certainly help keep the discussion alive but I agree new book tangents would assist to no end. Have to wonder why the estate isn't seemingly interested in allowing commissioned writers to explore the other lands, the time before the breaking, the Artur Hawkwing years etc there are so many tangents to explore, there could be decades of books to come. If the estate isn't interested in making the money they could hand it over the a benevolent society in a similar way the Rolex watch company is setup.
  4. Thanks for the welcome guys, been having a bit of a poke around and reading the content, there is a lot to take in. The social groups look interesting and I'm working my way group them and deciding which I'd be suited to, seems to be a lot to consider ;)
  5. G'day all just a quick hello and intro. My name is Paul and i live on a small farm is Victoria Australia, I'm 39, married, have 2 kids and we have a myriad of animals & pets. I was a bit of a late comer to the series as I only started the Eye of the World in early 2012 and finished the series with A Memory of Light followed by New Spring in mid 2013 (all via Audio Books). I came across the series with a friends recommendation as I was in a gap in the Game of Thrones series. Like many, the WoT series has been a bit of a life changing experience for me and I often feel like I carry a small part of the books & characters with me at all times. After a bit of a break I have restarted the Eye of the World and am thoroughly enjoying it and I admit it has filled a void I've felt ever since I finished the final book. Living here in Australia there isn't really any opportunity to connect or immerse yourself in the world, though I am aware there is a gathering of sorts later this year in NSW that I'm unfortunately unable to attend. Apart from the books I don't really have any related WoT items but I have told my wife I'd like to receive the WoT world map (on canvas if I'm lucky) for my birthday later this year and the new Companion book (hardcover) for Christmas and I'm also a bit excited as I recently ordered a new sword (I collect medieval swords) that to me will be my warders sword. Anyway hello again and I hope to be able to contribute to the community. Cheers Paul
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