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  1. At the least RJ did a far better job than Herbert with the resserections.
  2. It has to be really since Cuchulainn means Culainn's hound.
  3. I was in my forth or fith reread of the series, before I noticed the name of the Inn where Alanna bonds rand in LOC,Culain's hound. Which is a kind of obvious refrence to Cuchulainn ,the greatest Irish hero. Its kind of funny really since my Cocaloch is a deliberate misspelling of Cuchulainn. I sure this has been mentioned before, but I felt like bringing it up.
  4. In allowing the slaidar AS to bond 47 AM, He shows himself as the larger power, since it now seems that he deigned to make the bondings "fair".
  5. Urza=Ownage+Dead plainswalkers.
  6. RJ said Taim was not a forsaken, I belive.
  7. She saw the hand, not the person without it.
  8. Rhuarc, because he is like Sil who is awesome.
  9. When I said 4th dimension, I meant an axis at a 90degree angle to xyz. You are talking of Time as a kind of TAU axis which has nothing to do with real dimensions. Heck the idea theat time is linear (thus able to work on an axis) is just an idea.
  10. To the people saying the what RJ, Herbert, and Tolkien, while these authors took a lot of ideas from other things they put it to use in their own way which is what makes them great. After all it is impossible to create something totally new, you have to think in lines that your already think in. Its like trying to imagine a 4th dimension, to our minds it is immposible to add another axis to xyz because we can not think in that way.
  11. Its not like nothing happened to Rand he spent thoese months living other versions of his life. Though unlike Paul ,from Dune, he seemed to have learned nothing from it.
  12. On another note I saw a ton of places that "We Didn't Start The Fire" could be used.
  13. I think Martin O'Donnel (Halo games) would work pretty well for battle scenes he is pretty good at getting the music to fit what is going on.
  14. Mat talks about Min in tEOTW, in the ways.
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