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  1. In my opinon: Demi Moore would make a great Moiraine 'carse of her agelessness plus she can have a royal demener around her. also I think that Kristen Kruek of Smallville should play Faile because of well she looks like how I imangened her and she also has a broad acting abilty (if you don't beleive me check out these two episodes: Nicodemous Season 1, Spell Season 4. Thanks!
  2. Before you buy any musical device you should make sure that it has a radio on it. Trust me you'll need the variety of music that a radio provides
  3. In case you don't already know there is a WoT PC game out there. (It sucks) made by legend and what it tried to do was combine a FPS with an RPG and had NO relation to the books. I view it as a feeble atempt at introduceing non-readers to WoT. ( To point out how bad it was you had an Aes Sedai with no connection to the two rivers call the Armylin a woolhead!) if you want to play it for yourself you can get it on Ebay real cheap just search "wheel of time pc game"
  4. RJ defines wilders as people who begin to channel without outside help. so by that definition sholdn't Moiraine be a wilder? Because she first started channeling in the sun palace before going the the Tower. On a simaliar note what about Liandrin? Who taught herself compusion also before going to the Tower. What are your thoughts?
  5. Hatchet

    Wot Costumes

    Hi it's me hatchet. I thank you for all of your Ideas. But don't you think that talking about canadians the last two pages is a little off topic (don't get me wrong it was funny)
  6. Hatchet

    Wot Costumes

    Hi It's me Hatchet. There's no good way to say this so I'll just say it: does anybody have a good idea for making an Asha'man costume? Or a costume of any WoT character. I now halloween is a long way off. but the idea just came into my head and I wanted to start preparing.
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