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  1. I'm on my first read, and still pretty early in book 6, so I expect my opinions to change down the road. Here are my current favorites in no particular order: -WARNING- Spoilers may lie ahead (up to book 6). You have been warned. MAT - Though I've always liked Mat, he's only recently become a favorite. He finally seems to be accepting his fate, but with a certain delightful cynicism that I strongly relate to. PERRIN - My favorite character through books 3 and 4 was definitely Perrin. All of his arcs were just awesome to read, and I was highly satisfied with the ending of the Two Rivers incident. RAND - Few things bring me joy like Rand slapping around a few pompous lords. He's become such a scheming little smart@$$ and I love it. I can't wait to find out what his big surprise is in book 6. EGWENE - I mostly like Egwene's dream powers, but also for her resourcefulness and realistic outlook. Not only did she make the best of her Seanchan imprisonment by learning and becoming stronger, but she was the first of the Emond's Fielders to realize and accept that they would probably never see home again. She knew their lives would be drastically turned upside down and she fully accepted it with open arms. ELAYNE - Though her pairing with Nyneave left a bad taste in my mouth, I've rediscovered Elayne as an enjoyable character in her own right. Her Sea Folk weather powers (which I had completely forgotten about) and growing mastery of ter'angreal are fun to watch unfold, and the dynamic between her and Min is interesting to say the least. MIN - While certainly not a "center stage" character, I like the mystery surrounding Min's powers. I was immediately pulled in by her tomboy demeanor, and find it interesting how she's slowly becoming more feminine. I also enjoyed reading the sections about her party's escape from Tar Valon. THE MAIDENS OF THE SPEAR - I know this is pretty general, but there's never a dull moment when the Maidens are around. From their unwavering pride and honor, to their dark and wicked humor, to their motherly overbearing of Rand. The Maidens always know how to brighten up a scene. THE FORSAKEN - Another general favorite. I'm in constant awe of the sheer scope this series takes on, and the Forsaken are a large part of that. Even though they're few and far between, I like reading the Forsaken PoV sections. They offer some insight into who these people were before they fell and how their respective backgrounds shaped what they became after. Plus their constant plotting against each other is just plain entertaining.
  2. I'm a little over 200 pages into book 6. Pretty much up until the end of book 5, I definitely hated Nyneave. The whole Nyn-Elayne-Thom-Juilin dynamic was just downright annoying. Some of the interactions between this group were so bad, I would actually stop reading for weeks at a time. It wasn't until after her little cat fight with Siuan and her encounter with Moghedian that she started making an effort to change. I still dislike her, but at least I feel like I'm finally seeing some development taking place.
  3. I just finished The Fires of Heaven yesterday. Despite some rough patches with everyone's least favourite women, I was immensely satisfied with the ending. Before that, I read the Star Wars: Dark Nest trilogy. Some of the plot and backstory was a little confusing as I haven't read any of the Yuuzhan Vong War stuff yet. But the characters were lovable and the action was exciting, so I'd call that a win in my book (awful pun totally intended) I'm still undecided on what to read next. Part of me wants to jump right into Lord of Chaos, but I've also been meaning to reread Eragon and Eldest for the longest time so I can finally read Brisingr. I've been holding on to it for the last two or three years, but I haven't read the first two since like 7th grade so I don't really remember the events or characters very well.
  4. Thank you :) I'm sure that they are and I intend to finish them either way, it just might take me a while is all... I actually just finished FoH today and, despite the rough patches, I was more than satisfied with the story as a whole
  5. I just finished Fires of Heaven and I'm finally starting to see a little bit of maturity coming from Nynaeve. After the scene where she and Siuan do their little catfight thing in tel'aran'rhiod (I actually put down the book at this point and came back later), she finally took a long, hard look at herself and considered how she would have punished anyone else acting the way she was if she were still Wisdom of Emond's Field. Now, I don't expect her to miraculously change her ways from this one event, but it certainly seems to have set her on the right path judging from the way she handled the situation with Moghedien. Off subject, but I found the balefire part odd in this section because the real world effects were reflected in the dream world. Perhaps another topic to be posted for discussion? I dunno, I'm certainly not thrilled about Egwene as a character but I don't get as annoyed with her as I do the other two. That could just be because there hasn't been as much of a focus on her as other characters, or it could be my own bias as I've always liked the concept of her dream powers. Plus her whole ordeal at Falme was pretty intense and I thought it was cool that even through it all she took away new skills and knowledge that made her stronger.
  6. I have no doubt that everyone has their individual opinion as I surely will. I wasn't necessarily asking if they become more likable, at this point I'm just hoping for any development at all as they don't seem to have changed much since we first encountered them in the story.
  7. Thank you! I'm glad to be here. No it isn't, in fact for the most part I've actually enjoyed FoH. Lots of twists and unexpected events (Moiraine!?!?). My favorite character... that's a pretty tough choice. They all shine differently in each book. EotW - Perrin. GH - Egwene (mostly her endurance at Falme). DR - Mat. SR - Rand / Perrin. FoH - Rand / Mat. But if I had to pick a favorite, it'd probably be a toss up between Perrin and Mat. Thanks for the advice, I'll be sure to look around for something to pique my interest.
  8. For the love of the Light, I cannot STAND Nynaeve and Elayne. I mean, holy crap! I just got to the part in Fires of Heaven where Rand marches on Caemlyn, and I swear I've read more in one day than I have in the last 6 months about stupid schoolgirl drama between Elayne, Nynaeve, Thom and Juilin. The whole section of them with the menagerie and their escape along the river to Salidar just made me want to puke. I constantly felt like it was a struggle to read more than three or four pages at a time. I was so relieved when I finally came back around to Rand and the first scene was him taunting some hired floozy about teaching her to swim with saidin. He then proceeds to slap around some Tairen and Cairhenin lords, not give a $#!+ about anything Moiraine, Egwene and Aviendha have to say, and put the beatdown on Mat like a boss! A lying, scheming, cold-hearted, two-faced BOSS and I loved every moment of it LOL!! But I digress... Will somebody PLEASE tell me the main female characters eventually get more interesting. I keep waiting for Nynaeve to finally break through to saidar and become a bad@$$, but it's not happening. I intend to finish the series whether they shape up or not, but I feel like these sections might be more bearable if I had something to look forward to in these women other than sniffing and braid pulling.
  9. Hello, all. New here and wanted to introduce myself to the board. My real name is Kevin, but on the web and to certain friends I am generally known as Sasquatch. I've been reading the Wheel of Time series for about six years now, though sadly I'm nowhere near as far along as I'd like to be. I'm currently on the last three chapters of Book Five: The Fires of Heaven. I love this series for its character dynamic, witty dialogue, scenes of action, and the sheer epic scope that it takes on (among many other things of course, but these are probably my favourite aspects). But despite these positive qualities, there does come a point where I feel I'm struggling to get through certain sections. This mostly occurs during scenes involving Nynaeve and Elayne; these two characters just get so annoying to me sometimes I can't stand it. I keep hoping they'll eventually become more interesting but It hasn't happened yet... Anyway, just thought I'd share a little about where I'm at in the series and my thoughts so far
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