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  1. What other areas of the site are flourishing? I'd love to visit them!
  2. I love this series. I grew up with it. I started reading when I was 11 years old. I finally found this forum this year, and quite honestly it is dying, if not already dead. Surely there are many like me who have a passion that burns brighter than the flame of tar valon for this series, so how do we bring the forum back? I want it to flourish just as the asoiaf forum does.
  3. But, if I understand correctly, Jordan confirmed that there were times in the turning of the wheel where channeling didn't exist. I guess I'm wondering how that's possible. And i'm not talking about the "ability is forgotten" scenario. Im talking about it not being there at all. As in its not possible to channel
  4. The difference is that it's there or it isn't. If it's there, then people will still be sparkers, there will still be channeling, but there will belittle widespread knowledge of it, what it is, how it's done, and so forth. Consider that may wilders have tricks - Nynaeve's Healing for example, and variants of Compulsion or Eavesdropping are common. Those tricks would still be around. As would the effects of the OP on longevity, and the mortality rates for channelers who spark but never gain the control needed. Thus, there should still be evidence of it. If it's gone, then there should be no evi
  5. What is the difference between it disappearing and it being there but forgotten? They seem essentially to be the same, just a difference in semantics
  6. Well how many suldam and damane pairs to the seanchan have in total? The books make it appear that they have somewhere in the realm of 500 in the Westlands. Assuming this is just a tiny chunk of their overall forces, there could be thousands of channeler women not breeding, and thereby taking away from the potential channeler gene pool
  7. So we know from the underlying theme of the story that there are ages where the OP is forgotten. This got me to thinking. Will the Seanchan be the ones to cause the OP to be forgotten in the upcoming ages? Given the possible future seen by Avi where the Seanchan conquer the world, their propensity to enslave female channelers and kill male ones, its possible that they wipe out knowledge of the OP entirely by slowly winnowing the pool of available damane into nothing. Evidence for this can be seen in the widespread weakening of channeling strength in the OP in the Westlands from a lack of inter
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