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  1. Im so close to the end now I think i'll wait until I finish then read it. Glad to hear it is a good one though :)
  2. Hello and welcome! I hope to see some of your fan art in the future
  3. Balwer


    Self explanatory
  4. Cool beans! Have you read that one "New Spring"? I saw it in the library and I think its a prequel or something because its not listed with the other 14 books
  5. That he would Elaida! So have you: captain general and you: Elaida finished the books?
  6. Also I was wondering where that jordancon convention took place?
  7. Hello community! Ive been reading this series for about a year now. I am now on book twelve, about half way through, I must say this is the best series I have ever, or likely will ever read! I am so happy Robert Jordans wife chose Brandon Sanderson to finish it. Ive read his Mistborn trilogy and loved it. He also has a new series out, I forget the name of it but the first book is called "Return of the King" (awesomesauce by the way) there is a part two out by now. Being as all of you love WoT I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who has finished the WoT series and are looking for another epic world to plunge into!
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