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  1. I read the series in about 10 months which is quick for me, re read the AMoL straight away and then from the start after New Spring. Half way through Winter's Heart and loving it. Really have an appreciation for the characters I overlooked last time. Elayne and Avi's 'sister' ceremony was great knowing more about what that link is. I'm looking forward to cleansing Saidin as well.
  2. When I was reading WoT for the first time round I googled Faile to look back at something I'd forgotten. Basically I was horrified when google 'completed' my sentence to: "Faile Bashere is a darkfriend". I practically threw the book down because I couldn't believe it and really didn't want it to be true ha. Turns out that was just a theory someone had on a forum a few years back and was incorrect! I was reading the last three books wondering when she was going to reveal herself. Not sure if there are Ogier darkfriends, but I really wouldn't be suprised if there were. The Shadow just corupts things for the sake of it really.
  3. Oh yea, and basically when Nyneave and Rand clense Saidin. That was immense!
  4. Very hard to decide this. But it has to be when Olver is hiding from the trollocs while hiding with the Horn of Valere and Noal saves him: "The Pattern was not finished with me, son. Sound that Horn! Sound it proudly, Hornsounder!" I shed a tear when that happened!
  5. Not sure where the dislike for Egwene comes from, she is one of my favorite characters. She get a bit annoying during the salidar times bossing Matt about but that's it really. As far as least favorite: has to be Gawyn, he's a pure idiot with a hot-head that got him (and egwene I guess) killed.
  6. Thanks for the reply! I thought Egwene entered Tel'aran'rhiod in the flesh to get to Salidar, and then used that to discover travelling? Or I guess they are similar anyway?
  7. I'm a slow reader and it took me 10 months from start to finish. Every spare minute I had, I spent reading the books: commuting, evenings, weekends etc!
  8. I've just re-read this bit in Path of Daggers and am stuck as to how Sorlea knows travelling. So far I thought only the Rebels know this via Egwene and are keeping it to themselves... How does Sorlea know travelling to show it to Cadsuane? this is at the point where they properly meet each other for the first time and Sorlea says she is bound by wather oath to "teach Rand al'Thor laughter and tears"?! Sorry if this is obvious but it's been bugging for me for a long time!
  9. Hi I'm Martin. I first picked up WoT about two and a half years ago after fanatically reading Tolkien and thinking nothing else would stand up to it. I thought I wouldnt find another world that interested me so much but here I am. I raced through to the end and the re-read MoL straight away because I couln't leave it so soon. I'm now re reading the series again and seeing how far sigeted RJ was in the earlier books in respect the events that happened way later on! Second time around I have some serious questions about the 'world' or WoT so am coming here to see if I can find answers (hopefully in the correct places/forums)!
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