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  1. Thane already explained it to everyone, confirming Cass as Scum in the process: hey WK there's the vote count I see no confirmation of your claimed role #lawyered Except my vote's on Sooh instead of you this phase and I wasn't the one to switch my top two reads for Scum... Not sure what to make of this tbh. I'm actually happy with my vote on either at this point, so WK'S doing me a favour? not having voted herself, but not being worried her vote was stolen.... like it was agreed to try and clear WK in his role. I'm on mobile sorry Thane. If you're talking about the vote on Sooh, the point is I haven't voted yet but my vote is counted in the vote count against Sooh, and appeared at the same time as WK voted. So I assume his claim is true, still no idea on alignment though given Sooh is currently 2nd on my list. I'd be unhappy if someone would take my vote and vote someone i wouldn't want them to vote.... Cass makes it seem like she doesn't mind I'll keep my vote on Sooh, Cass is next yes but it disorganizes who I thought was on teams with each other I can't figure out which one is on the wrong side in my list. here's what i think: i honestly don't give a [censored] who is on which team. A wolf is a wolf and needs to be put down
  2. Only the dominant Scum team is interested in lynching me today.
  3. That's a lie - the Official vote confirmed my claim.
  4. I think the wolf teams were originally 3 each, and I'm not on either of them. If it's 5-3-2 (I think it more likely 4-3-2-1) we can still win this as Town. However, it only does Scum good to know the particulars of how my vote-stealing works, and Talya knows this - Scum need to know if they're losing a vote today. If it's 3-4-3, as she and AH suggest, Town cannot benefit from knowing how my Town role works. Scum simply want all Town powers gone to clear their heads in attacking the other Scum team now.
  5. So can we assume they'll be in at some point to say something.
  6. I don't know how it's done here, with parity in number of players per team or voting power per team, but it's important to note that the way I've used stumps before and seen them used by others, they do not usually count for parity.
  7. It's not an everyday thing - it's limited, just as was Leelou's.
  8. You make wall of corn it get eaten by ants.
  9. Honestly, I still haven't had the time to read the whole game. I read the first day and my reads seemed to line-up with yours so I've been mostly sheeping you. I knew pizza was a trickster, I though AJ's response to my sub-in was quite wolfy, I thought Sooh wasn't even trying to work with Town, I thought Hallia seemed off, and I couldn't believe (after reading Phoenix 1) that Phoenix 2 would suicide as Town - but then both he and pizza wanted Phoenix 2 dead something awful. Cass seemed like a deciding vote to me, so I wanted it for Town. I thought since Cass suspected Sooh too and Yates had Sooh as wolf earlier and you were gone and didn't seem to be fully engaged, using Cass' vote on Sooh was the most Town unity I could hope for. I agree the reads need a fresh look now. I'm inclined to think my outing on your mistake of a 2x claim was not Scum motivated on your part. But it still bothers me that pizza was in that same 'misread' camp.
  10. so you have it every night? No. But I'll explain more tomorrow if I'm alive. so say it now, because what you say could be important. And if you are dead (which I doubt) then we wouldn't know and information would be lost to town It's my role. I know what's important to say and not say in night phase.
  11. I think that might have been a game flavour Bombadil Tolkien reference - Bombadil is said to be, "oldest and fatherless".
  12. so you have it every night? No. But I'll explain more tomorrow if I'm alive.
  13. It's NOT me, Talya. I am Town. Who's vote should I steal for tomorrow?
  14. Sorry about Sooh, guys. I would have unvoted had I known it was close and was here - her later posts indeed looked like lost Town, but that all happened in the wee hours of the morning for me when I was asleep. I am Town. But I thought EP was Town too. And AH was not the only one to not trust Pizza. Read my posts. If Town had given any guidance as I asked when I subbed in we might not be in this mess, but sub-in games are hard on all - I'm subbed into two others in even worse circumstance. We're no closer to being unified here as Town, so looks to me like we've lost for sure. I have a full plate today (it's 6:30 AM for me), but will be back later.
  15. Vote Bots Clov and Darthe. You didn't know they were robots?
  16. There you go, see. Everything all better now. All is right with the world and the Earph and the globe and the great blue sphere. blue, green, white, brown... whatever,
  17. Yeppers. We all mud people - dust to dust.
  18. I don't do Hallowe'en or Christmas or Easter.
  19. What are you yammering on about? It takes the Vote Bot to confirm.
  20. Sooh (4/8): Dice, Thane, White Knight, Cass Eternal Phoenix (4/8): Pizza, Talya, Andrej, Hallia AH (3/8): EP, Sooh, Seph Not Voting (4/14): AH, Alannalynn, Leelou
  21. Sooh (2/8): Dice, Thane Eternal Phoenix (5/8): Pizza, Talya, White Knight, Andrej, Hallia AH (3/8): EP, Sooh, Seph Not Voting (4/14): AH, Alannalynn, Cass, Leelou
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