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  1. In fact, many of the minor characters that had a noticeable "screen" time during the saga went MIA in the fury of the LB, and I also wonder what happened to them in the aftermath. I just hope that the soon to come WoT companion is going to shed some light on their survival or final demise...
  2. I also think that Black Tower was handled poorly. I understand that BS wanted his Androl to shine a bit before the end, but Rand that traveled around the world trying to fix every small wrongness he had done and left his most important creation alone with it's own demons... well that's a bit strange...
  3. I guess that Elayne top my list, if she wasn't Rand love interest I'd have her killed by the end of the saga
  4. So far so good, lot of interesting topics and nice persons around, I'll be allright :)
  5. Cool, Italy it's a nice place to visit and to live, It is not all a bed of roses, but I can live with it :) I never visited Norway nor any of the Scandinavian countries, but I'm working on it...
  6. Thanks for your welcome Sooh, I hope to have a good time here!
  7. Ok, that's a good assumption, but BA hunt is not necessarily related to the DR, I mean, they could have started a BA hunt without disclosing the search for the DR, just for the sake of removing a threat to the tower. Look at all the damage done by BA members across all the saga that could have been avoided if some kind of plan had been put in motion.
  8. As pointed out by jack of shadows, I also like to think that Rand is going to visit his friend and lovers in the aftermath of the LB. Maybe he's gonna take a break and travel around the world as a free man not pursued by killers and shadowspawn, but in the end, he's gonna come back to check on his friends. After his experience atop Dragonmount he is again a caring person and doubt he'll leave everyone behind in such a selfish manner, he simply love them too much... As for my question... Even if I read the WoT books twice, I only recently put my hands on a copy of New Spring and despite I enjoyed it very much, there's one question that really baffled me... By the end of the book it's very clear to both Moiraine and Siuan that Black Ajah is a real threat and that it's deeply rooted inside the White Tower, but when the WoT books begin, 20 years later, it seems that everybody forgot about this truth. Siuan had been Amyrlin for a decade and still seems to be unaware of BA machinations inside the Tower. I can forgive Moiraine who spent all her time searching for Rand, but Siuan had been in the tower, head of a formidable spy network and still she failed to put in motion a plan to uproot the BA. I know that it's hard to do anything so dangerous when you're not sure who you can really trust, but with 20 years at her disposal I cannot believe that she failed to set up a BA hunt party like the one that Elaida put in motion without even being aware about BA existence...
  9. Hello, my name is Francesco and I'm a long time WoT fan, I just finished my first re-read and I came here to discuss with fellow readers about the books and all that's WoT related. Ah...about that forum rule concerning comprehensible posts... well... I'm not english and I just hope that everything I write is good enough to be read without giving an headache :D
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