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  1. Another Question: It's been a long time, but i recalled, Elyane mother was still alive and then Elyane became queen, yet for some herpy derpy reason, the mother never revealed to her daughter that she was alive, EVEN though she could have and it wouldn't have done any harm. Why?
  2. I remember reading how Egwene felt that Rand had to kneel to them and hope he wasnt stubborn about it. I recalled reading that a long time ago and that just stuck with me wrong. Same with Elayne so that she didn't seem weak.
  3. The thing that get me is there is Rand, fighting dark ones, fighthing Sean Chan invaders and Elyane and Egwene was like..."Rand totes gonna kneel before the tower and the crown". Like..seriously, what?
  4. Book 6 easily. Introduction of Asahman on the field tearing apart Ran's enemies, the creation of the Black Tower becauase at the point, I just aobut had it with the frigging White Tower. Then of course Logan screwing a brown Aes Sedai sister senseless or was it a White sister, but yeah, litterally was screwed into submission and forcibly bond with the Aes Sedais. How you like them apples?
  5. So with Rand in Mordin body now... doesn't that mean his three girls are effectively sleeping with a stranger and what about the kids growing to find out..."Hey...you kind look different from me.. wassup with that you sure we got the same father?"
  6. I have to say Alanna Mosvani. It's like she's the only real Aes Sedai that unconditonally love and care for Rand after she force the bond on him of course. She is also the only one that understood him best and the thing that I remember now , a decade later in terms of character, all of them, even the females, was that her sisters found her crying in the room alone and when asked why? It's because she could feel Rand pain the entire time and wonder how he could live with it. All of her interaction have her trying to get near Rand to alleivate his pain some way some how, and she is always worried. It's a shame she that she died at the end and she never got to be a friend of Rand, not truly. Second would be Rand because despite all of his friends, lovers and the Aes Sedai trying to hamper him the entire way. HE still got the job done cleaning Saidan. Seriously, between getting slap by the old hag Casadune and Egwene plan on making the Dragon Frigging Reborn bend knee to her. It's a surprise he ever got anything done.
  7. Crown of Sword I think, that was the last book that had semi decent moving plot and min.
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