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  1. Avalon: The Legend Lives doesn't just cater to the seasoned player. We run events that even our novices an be involved in and earn prizes. The first upcoming is: QUIZ on SATURDAY JULY 11th 10PM (5e). The winner's prize will be quite fabulous. There will be other prizes for 'highest in class' competitors. EVERYONE is welcome. The questions will defy easy search-engine look-up. This quiz will be run by Genesis and you can put your name on the competitor list with JOIN QUIZ (though let me know if you're then unable to make it). The second is: DIVINE GEM QUEST: CORNELIAN OF EVIL - SATURDAY 25TH JULY 10PM AVALON / 5PM EST. The gem of Evil will grant its wielder command over the triumvirate of dark powers: Evil Forms, Vampirism, Hypnotic Command as well as grant CONTENDER status for the next Ordination. The Cornelian contest will be a brand new format. A quest involving intense, ferocious combat that will stretch the bounds of the imagination. A battle, to be sure, but this will not be any ordinary melee, oh no. Forget all you know of player versus player combat for the quest of Evil will be a conflagration of powers, unparalleled in their scope and breadth and levelling the field between all Avalonians young or old, weak and powerful, giants or mice. ALL are invited to participate in this battle the likes of which none have ever seen - in Avalon or out. I guarantee that the Cornelian will be a bloodbath that none of you will want to miss. http://www.avalon-rpg.com/
  2. Just finished Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and started The Picture of Dorien Gray
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