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  1. Exactly the answer i feared :( I might take ur suggestion, just hope i can find a decent summary somewhere i would really hate to miss important battles. But i would allmost hate more to read trough anohter 1000 pages of women being angry with everything and everone around them. But knife of dreams is where its getting good again you say?
  2. Hey everyone, im currently halfway done with Lord of Chaos, and im starting to become really friggin annoyed with Egwene, Elayne and Nyaeve, it seems all they do is sniffing at eachother, tugging braids, having difficulty deciding on what close to wear in the dreaming world, along with just being very very annoying to everyone around them, while still spamming sniffs at everyone in sight. Ive come to the point where i allmost cant read it anymore, it just pisses me of so much, why do we hear so much more about their petty social problems than the battles of Perrin(whom i think havent even been mentioned yet in this book), mat and rand. It seems the book is more about girldrama than the battle betwen good and evil, and i really really love the story and i want to know how it ends so badly, but when a book has 300pages of pure punishment(girls sniffing etc.) im not sure i can continue. Please someone tell me this gets better in the coming books??!! :( :( Regards Kasper
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