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  1. Verin and Moiraine, those women saved the world. The two who would do LITERALLY ANYTHING IT TOOK to keep the wheel turning free of the Dark One's influence. They saved the world, and Nynaeve made it act right 🙂
  2. Barid, thank you! You nailed it. Your post answered pretty much all the questions I needed answered and had good backup for its claims. So, Faith restored! Haha and I can leave this topic alone now. But first, my last points: Thanks for explaining, I do understand that now, though it does annoy me a bit. Haha I mean, I guess I misunderstood the metaphysics of the setting. I believed 'The Pattern' encompassed everything that was, spiritual or physical, therefore when I saw "thread burned from the pattern" I understood that as body, soul, physical, nonphysical, all of it deleted fr
  3. Thanks for the helpful input dude! Two points, here. First, I don't care about the mechanics of balefiring yourself, again it was just a thought on something Moridin could do to delete himself, not another ponderous theorycraft on what happens if you balefire yourself backwards in a mirror while in tel'aranrhiod and aren't wearing any underwear. Frankly, Moridin is demonstrated to be a proficient dreamwalker, and leaving aside balefire entirely, he could very well know that death there if fully manifested there (in the flesh) could be permanent death also. So he could have done that. Pl
  4. Thank you for moving it, I got a little confused between the main and sub forums. Brown hair can turn blonde sometimes! Yeah, I am more interested in the implications of Moridin choosing to save Rand (if indeed that's what happened) than the mechanics of it. Ultimately I don't care much how it happened, just for my part. I will go back and double check this, though I'm at work at the moment without access to my book =/. It is kind of a conundrum, isn't it? Haha, if you balefire yourself wouldn't you be reversing the actions of person who did the thing that made yo
  5. So I've just finished the series for the first time, and I have some thoughts about Moridin (and also posting here for the first time; I think I did it right) RJ played a fair bit with people being turned to the shadow, even very nearly our dear protagonist. But there was a continuous refrain throughout the series of redemption - that even the most fallen could come back to the Light. This played out in a few minor ways, but at first glance I think it may seem it was never really touched, especially with the big bads, the Forsaken. I had two I desperately wanted redemption for: Moridin
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