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  1. Yeah I see what you mean, re-reading it, I'm not sure it would be so one-sided with Mat fighting for his life so dramatically. Galad might have an edge on him but not that much necessarily... It's just that where I am in the books Galad seems like he gets talked up a lot more on how good he is than Mat (eg. during FoH when he clears/breaks the prophet's mob while escorting Nynaeve to a boat) whereas Mat's main feat at the moment is killing Couldilin (or however you spell the Aiel false dragon) and if I recall having a hard time with it.. Seems like so far he has been relying on luck more than
  2. Thanks, did you agree with the outcome?
  3. Welp, this is my first post and I'm not entirely sure this is the appropriate place for this discussion. It is as far as I can tell, but I'm sure I'll be getting yelled at for something shortly :) With that said, I have always been very interested in the WoT Cage Match etc. discussions and find them fascinating to consider and expand on. One fight I can't seem to find a discussion on however, is as titled - Mat vs Galad. We all have our own images of Mat and Galad and their abilities/skills, and I'm sure there are a thousand ways this could be done and many may have a different opi
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