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  1. I know one way is to practice asking yourself if you are dreaming even if you are awake. It takes repetition and practice but it trains your brain to ask yourself that question so that when you are asleep there is a better chance of you realizing you are dreaming, once you realize you are dreaming if you don't wake up, then you can control the dream. So set an alarm or something for every 30 mins to an hour and ask yourself if you are dreaming. Do you remember how you got where you are now? Often times in dreams you won't remember this. There are websites about this if you do a quick google search on unlocking lucid dreams. They can describe the process better than I can
  2. Wassup Cirteap. Welcome to DM!
  3. Oh yeah i'm on my second full read through. I've read up to the gathering storm twice, just havent read the last three twice, but i'm working my way through the whole series again. I'm enjoying Rand as the simple farm boy from the two rivers before too much of the chaos begins. His character progression is awesome, especially the change in the gathering storm. When I first read that I had to put the book down for a good 20 minutes and just think about what had just happened. Good stuff.
  4. Light but it'll be good to talk to some fellow wot fans. Burn me, there's no one in my flaming area that knows anything about the books. Nice to meet you all! Peace favor your cod piece..or something to that effect. I think that's how the saying goes...
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