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  1. The weave that blocks everything would work like a wall, or you could use a wall of air. Also about weaves that would block a gateway, I looked on a wiki and it matches what I remember. "Apparently, in the Second Age, it was customary for the user to use a sound to herald the coming of a gateway". I don't think people could stop gateways. It was just polite to "knock" first so you wouldn't seem like you were attacking. The only thing that would help that I know of is a dream spike, and Androl would still be able to make the small gateways inside one of those.
  2. I'm not sure if everyone would be able to do it effectively, but at least for Androl it would be the easiest thing ever. It wouldn't matter if the person is standing still or moving. You would be able to make gates that small almost instantaneously. You could make a dozen gateways in or directly around them in a second. The reason you make them so small is so that they will be undetectable with how little of the power they use. The ones for you to look through only need to be an inch wide for you to see through them. You could put those a hundred or a thousand feet into the air and look down on them. You don't need a big hole in the air like Matt was using that could possibly be detected. You could also cover the opening with the weave that blocks all weaves from getting through, so that nobody would be able to send anything through it towards you. Dem wouldn't be able to pinpoint a one inch hole looking at him even if he could tell the direction channeling came from. Especially if you had a weave on your end that made it invisible as well. When you are firing something through the gateway I'm talking about one of the millimeter sized ones you make inside their body so they cant block it or even notice it until its too late.
  3. I'm not sure if other people have talked about it, but I can't stop thinking about how gateways could have been used. It doesn't matter how powerful the enemy is or what kind of defenses they have if all you had to do is make very small gateways with the endpoint being inside their body's. It could just be a millimeter or two wide and all the enemy would have to do is move slightly or take a step and their insides would be ripped to shreds. It would take very little power and be all most impossible to detect happening. You could even make eye sized gateways for you to see from and you could attack anyone from anywhere without them being able to detect you. You could even send a millimeter wide beam of balefire if you wanted to stop the forsaken. It seems like gateways are just the most overpowered weave I can think of and I want'ed to see what anyone else thought.
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