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  1. Thanks! I'm having a great time already.
  2. As requested, I'm posting here that I want to join. I love food and fireballs! But not the food Fireballs. Don't know if they still make them, but I draw the line at cinnamon gumballs.
  3. Tik! I like it. Reminds me of the Tik-Tok man of Oz. Thanks for the welcome!
  4. Hello! New to the forums (mostly); just joined this morning. I have lurked about reading WoT discussions before, but I wanted to participate and hopefully do some roleplay (although that doesn't look super active, especially in my desired Black Tower). I've been reading the Wheel of Time books since the early 90s, waiting eagerly in-between. I've reread the series about a dozen times, and I'm just starting my next readthrough that will incorporate the last book (before it came out, I was trying to get there, but I just didn't finish in time and jumped ahead to read AMoL. So, I'll start again from Eye of the World (I can't find my copy of NS and wanted to start during a rare San Diego rainy day). Yay! Anyway, nice to finally join the community!
  5. I know I'm new here, but can I sign up for a day? Any Tuesdays, preferably the 10th.
  6. Hello, I'm Chaotik_lord (real name Aidan, if you prefer it), and I'm new. First roll call here. I had a life-improving surgery this year, so that was cool. And I got to go the Comic-Con for the first time *smacks self*. How could I almost forget?
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