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  1. I am with Randlander here. Most of the woman were badly written. Nynaeve on the first few books, especially. On the other side, Moiraine was my favorite character there.
  2. Kill Rand instead of Egwene. I love Rand, but the chosen one should die when he fullfills his mission.
  3. Moiraine is my favorite character on fantasy books. I absolutely love her.
  4. As others said, balefiring yourself isn't really an option. Moridin would have died (assuming that it is possible to balefire himself) and if the balefire was strong enough (likely yes, cause Moridin was powerful) then the Dark One wouldn't be able to resurrect him. But Moridin, would have been reborn on an another Age (strictly speaking, it could be even in the same age) and The Dark One (if it needed Moridin) could have got him again. And the story would be repeated. Remember, Moridin himself thought that he was in the middle of fight of Dark One and Dragon for eternity, not only currently.
  5. Egwene becomes awesome and Nynaeve becomes less anoying. Elayne on the other hand, tries desperately to outsurpass her last stupid decisions she made (and she does that every chapter). By the end of the books, I hated her. The main problem though, is the quality of book decline (especially on book 9 and 10) until Sanderson comes on The Gathering Storm. Saying that, it is worthy to read the books, and by the end of it, you will want a re-read.
  6. I wouldn't say that the BA infiltrated the Aes Sedai, they were sort of born from within it. Novices and Accepted who were darkfriends or who were seen to be potential recruits were approached upon being raised. Darkfriends are everywhere in every society so it wasn't unexpected. Well, they still managed to get hundreds of their agents there, killing at-least an Amyrlin Seat and a few other very important Aes Sedai while nobody even gave a thought that Black Ajah might exist. Then they orchestrated the stilling of a brilliant Amyrlin Seat, putting in her place an idiot which resulted
  7. I agree. Actually, 5 and 13 are tied for best for me, followed by 11 and 2. Book 13 in my opinion was the weakest Sanderson book. It started brilliantly (chapter 3) and had an amazing ending, but on between I found it boring (compared to the other two books). My favorite from Sanderson was The Gathering Storm and chapter 39-43 for me was the best part of the entire story. My rating of books would be something like: 1) Book 5: The Fires of Heaven 10/10 2) Book 12: The Gathering Storm 10/10 3) Book 1: The Eye of The World 9/10 4) Book 14: A Memory of Light 9/10 5) Book 4: The Shadow
  8. Black Ajah managed to infiltrate one of the most powerful groups and keep their identity hidden for all that time. Only the infiltration of a very smart person and a loophole (which is actually a mistake from the Dark One) stopped their plans. Never liked how Aes Sedai had their hierarchy. All based on power, but nothing on intelliegence. If a hierarchy allows someone as Elaida to lead them, well that hierarchy has failled. On the other side Aiel (Wise Ones) were all on the will of the person. I think that a combination of power, intelligience, willpower and charisma was the right choice for
  9. Book 5 is the best one, and one of the best fantasy books ever written. The critics on the saga are exagerated. Book 9 and 10 are weak IMO, but all other books are from decent to great.
  10. Illyena was definitely someone special. She had the third names, which was given only to extraordinary persons. Even Lanfear who was arguably the strongest female channeler of her time, didn't have a third name. Lews Therin, Demandred and Ishamael on the other side had it. Egwene has some similarities with Latra, but not that much. In the end, Egwene helped Rand and actually motivated him when he was probably going to give up (after her death). Egwene and Rand left on good terms, like brother and sister. On the other hand, she has quite similarities with Queen Eldrene. Both of them were th
  11. Wow. I wish I could do that! I started summer 2012 and I'm just beginning Book 5! Did you like it? Yep, it is excellent. I struggled a bit on book 9 and book 10, but kept reading considering that I loved the story until then. Things become decent on the book 11, and then comes Sanderson which did a great job (especially on book 12 and book 14). Anyway, I am a fast reader and spend some time in train almost every day which made it possible for me to read it in such a short time. Book 5 in my opinion is the pinnacle of the series. And probably the best fantasy book I have read after ASO
  12. Wasn't Lanfear mentioned a few times (from different persons) as the most beautiful girl they have ever seen? And that she makes Graendal (who is extremely beautiful) look only ordinary. So, I would go for Lanfear, followed by Berelain and Graendal. Honorable mention to Elayne.
  13. That's not neccesary a good thing. From Aviendha vision, Aiel were on a stalemate with Saenchan until Andor entered the war against Saenchan, and then Saenchan became even more powerful. Considering that Saenchan actually gain new channelers during the war, Aiel might be better fighting them only by themselves. I agree about the numbers being inflated and not very consistent. You get the impression that only the Saenchan have around 500000 soldiers (Ituralde defeated 100000 of them, and it looked that they aren't weakened at all), and considering that Shaido had around 100000 people (and 5
  14. For sure. But Egwene has more similarities with her than with other characters. There isn't a proof - obviously - that Egwene is someone reincarnated. I was just pointing that Illyena was someone special, not just LTT wife. Obviously, she may or may not be reincarnated on the third age.
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