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  1. Reading through it again I have to admit you may be right. Demira goes from confronting Rand to leading the two riders girls to Salida realises they may need Rand more than he needs them. These changes in thinking sound like compulsion falling away more than Fain's touch which is permanent or good as.
  2. Conclusion: either the Salidar delegation was under corpulsion or Fain had corrupted them in advance. In the Lord of Chaos Demira Sedai is stabbed by supposed Aiel. The rest if the delegation is told of this by a 'good samaritan'. Team Jordan has stated the supposed Aiel were Fain's corrupted WhiteCloaks. The Salidar delegation seemingly immediately blamed Rand and thought he was trying to intimidate them. The delegation then set out on almost the stupidest course of action possible sort of trying to shield Rand. There are plenty of reasons for the delegation be suspicious of whether Rand was being attack. The White Cloaks looked nothing like Aiel. There were plenty with a motive to derail Salidar getting close to Rand. It could have been Aiel acting separate from Rand etc. In the Game of Houses, the effort to frame Rand would be crude and amateurish and would never succeed yet the Aes Sedai never questioned whether it was bad judgement. Aes Sedai are commonly considered to be exceptional players in the Game of Houses. Moraine certainly demonstrated an exceptional level of skill. There are reasons for the delegation to be distrustful. The questions around Morgase, the amnesty and setup of the Black Tower, the general fear of male channlers etc. However there are not sufficient to result in their course of action. I know Verin was manipulating the situation in the background but what we saw of her manipulations was not sufficient to turn the delegation against Rand as strongly as they did. Demira believed it was him as soon as she woke up before Verin said a word. This level of stupidity can only be down to two things, compulsion or Fain's touch. Given the timeline there was no time for compulsion from the Black Ajah the forsaken so i believe Fain must have done this to them before hand so they would assume Rand arranged the attack. In Fain's pov he mentions the Aes Sedai gathering the Rand as a problem and thinks about the effect of his corruption on Elaida and Pedron Niall (them barely trusting their mothers).
  3. I totally agree with that Perrin's pictures don't match expectations. The big one for me though is Lanfear. None of her picture (see http://wot.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Images_by_John_Seamas_Gallagher?file=Lanfear_2.jpg) really capture her likeness for me. She is described as being the most physically beautiful woman making Graendal look plump. The picture doesn't really give that impression. I guess though it is a case of imagined expectations being impossible to meet.
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