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    Travelling (i guess, i'm in love with Prague :)), phantasy books, languages, writing and drawing, rock music. Can continue this list for ages..))
  1. Well, speaking about physical attractiveness, obviously, Lanfear is the hottest one. But if we take into account personality as well, then i would choose Aviendha. Definitely, i like the combination of reddish hair and blue-green eyes but she is a woman of strong character. Very hot)
  2. You belong to the Blue Ajah! Members of the Blue Ajah seek to right wrongs in the world, and are often on some kind of quest for justice in various forms. While their goals are often noble (though they need not be), it is not rare for a Blue to lose herself in her mission completely. This is your result in its entirety: Blue Ajah: 7 Gray Ajah: 4 Green Ajah: 4 White Ajah: 3 Yellow Ajah: 3 Red Ajah: 2 Brown Ajah: 2 Picked Blue and got it anyway :) Though I expected such a result.
  3. i'm reading "The Fires of Heaven" and i've just finished "Letos" by Alexey Pehov which is the first book in his new series. Well. i got interested) Don't know whether this book is translated in English as he writes in Russian..
  4. Hi! Soooo happy to join! Well, once someone told me to read this books. I started and got bored, don't even know why...Maybe i wasn't in the right mood) Anyway, several months later i continued reading the first book and you know what? i got so excited! Now i'm reading the fifth one and can't even stop)) Looking forward to enjoying the site)
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