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    My interests include my job as a Surgical Technologist, German armor model building, guitar, video gaming and reading. So far the W0T series has been the best I've ever read.
  1. Thank you guys for the welcome!! I'm excited to get immersed in your website and continue to be immersed in the book series!! Thanks Nikon! I will check out the social groups for sure!!
  2. Hey guys, thanks for the comments! You guys bring a lot of good information!!
  3. Okay, thank you for your reply! I do remember coming across a blog post on the thirteenth depository blog site and someone had mentioned how many spans it was and tall and such. I was just wondering where they may have gotten their information...
  4. Hey guys, I'm interested in finding out what the dimensions of the White Tower are. I've am only in book two and there hasn't been any in depth discussions about the place just that it was built by Ogier. I'm interested in finding out because I'd like to make it a project in Minecraft to build the White Tower. I know it probably sounds silly but I think it would be awesome to do such and thing for that and several other infrastructures! I've sifted through a lot of information on the internet but to no avail... If you guys know that would be awesome!! Thanks!
  5. Hey thanks for the reply! Yeah I've read the getting started and am aware of all the spoilers... I will do my best to not get a glimpse of them. I guess there is actually no way of avoiding them unless I want to wait several years before I finish the whole series!
  6. Hey guys, i'm kinda new to the series and I absolutely love it! I'm one and a half books in, so that puts me in book two just about midpoint! I love this series so much! It's absolutely amazing the characterization and the biology/geography that RJ creates and how he dictates each life that revolves with the wheel! I know there is so much to unlock and that is what makes the series so intriguing and alluring! I look forward to reading all your posts and getting involved with you guys in the topics! I am specifically interested in the prophecies and the revelation of the Dragon reborn and the apocryphal last battle that looms in the future just on the precipice of engagement.
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