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  1. Whenever I think back to when I was reading, one of the scenes that sticks out most in my mind is when Semirhage had Rand in the male a'dam. That scene was so intense to me I loved it. Like I couldn't read fast enough.
  2. I'll check em out. I'm still looking at everything. There's so much stuff on here lol.
  3. Awesome! Its so nice to finally meet people who appreciate WoT as much as I do
  4. The Aiel for sure. I never imagine them with red hair (although I do picture Rand with it). I always picture them dark haired and tanned.
  5. Reading the stand by Stephen King. So so good.
  6. Hey guys! I finally finished WoT like a month ago. I avoided going online and reading anything about while I was reading it to avoid spoilers. Hopefully people are still posting on here cause I literally don't know a single person who's read these books! This is the first forum I've ever posted on as well. Hope to see you all in the discussions :)
  7. I would like to see a list of male channelers in order of their strength.
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