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  1. Well since reading this I wonder if a channeler could 'unravel' a weave and hold it till the gholam steps near and breaks the weave and BOOM! I am guessing though he would just make it disappear.
  2. Have to agree with the part about the 3 ta'veren, the pattern pulls what Rand and the others need around to them. Plus there were other reasons, like Siuan Sanche and Leane Sharif influencing the hall. 1. Egwene is strong in the power 2. She grew up with the 3 and has close ties to Rand 3. She was away from the tower during the breaking It was those three reasons why the hall the picked her. So you really need to ask why was it Siuan choose her. Also I wonder if Moiraine had some small fortelling in the EoTW, when she tells Egwene she could one day be Amyrlin Seat. Seems unlikely and unlike Moiraine to make such an off the cuff statement.
  3. Listening to the audio books is like watching a movie with your eyes closed. They, the readers, make it sound more like play voiced by one person(their respective parts of course). Also RJ, never read his own books, but listened to them on audio. Sometimes I would follow along with the book, it's kinda like close caption tv.
  4. The only way to do this CG. If a voice actor passes away or leaves it is not too hard to match another voice, plus you can have one voice actor do many parts. It's nice and fun pick out famous actors, but it would never work, the budget would be off the charts, millions and millions of dollars, just for the salaries alone. If you did a yearly movie or tv series you would have to start out with actors in the mid to late teens who be late 20's to 30ish years old if not more by the end. With CG you stand more of a chance to have a story told more true to the book, than getting some director who has their vision(see LOTR). Most of a live action movie would have to have CG anyway, so might as well go all the way. So I vote for CG and all ready established voice actors. Oh, btw, I would have Julia Roberts as Bela, since we are fantasing.
  5. Is it just me or does the jewelery not look like it should? Like the fox head, all it is just a outline of fox head, it should be a medallion. A medallion by definition should be round and engraved. In the pic it looks tiny, while the book says it nearly fits Mat palm. And the Asha'man pin looks like rubbed off red paint and is not enameled? The dream ring are just gold and silver, not coloring like books say. Plus the twist in them don't look right, to my eye. Maybe I am expecting too much?
  6. I think some where it was said that are about 1000 Aes Sedai and Taim said he could match that in a year. So I am guessing about 700 to under 1000.
  7. I have to disagree on your statement "it is quite interested in self-preservation", you make it sound like the wheel is self aware when it a is a force, like gravity. I think it just tries remain in balance, just like the atmosphere achieves to maintains a balance. If the wheel cared it could just woven out the dark one in the interest of self preservation, no dragon needed.
  8. So is she and most all the women in the books are too so I doubt it will be humility.
  9. OK, then when Min has a viewing that she sees two men and one dies I assume that was LTT, but it is Moridin then?
  10. I can't remember where I read it but RJ said that he wanted to write about the characters after AMoL. I would like to think Oliver will be a great general one day having grown up in quasi military army, maybe he inherits the the Band of the Red Hand. Just because the DO is gone, it won't stop the evil in others. No one needs the DO for greed and power. Plus I am sure Oliver still has great passion for the Shaido.
  11. Well, being a rabid news and science reader, a woman's brain does shrink about 10% and they do score more poorly on memory or intelligence or both(I cannot recall for sure). Plus, Elayne was being feed a very poor diet which is not good a pregnant woman. But, I doubt had RJ had that in mind! Remember you have to let a woman have the right of it til the time is needed.
  12. I have been trying for awhile now to figure what evidence that Elaida has against Siuan. She is only guessing about Rand being able to channel(at that time). She talks to the girl at the farm, but I don't understand what she over heard to be able to tell Elaida that is so damning. It just seems to me that is all she has was not enough to go to the hall with. I don't understand why Siuan was deposed because she has a relation with Rand, when Elaide knows the same things(Rand must be at the last battle) and she tries a relation with Rand too. Seems she is just as guilty as what Siuan did.
  13. Don't forget the group of Aiel still at Rhuidean. I think Therava's group might still have roll to play, they have a long way to go to back the Waste. And they have few armies to get through.
  14. Taim was out being a false dragon and running round before the Forsaken are released. So Taim cannot, will not, and never was or will be Demandred or any other forsaken.
  15. Check out http://www.audible.com The first 3 months are 7.95, one book a month(the lowest plan), but that is less than 24 dollars for the first three books. About $160 for all 12 books on this plan. Audible does have copy protection on the books but has downloads for iPods and mp3 players and you can use Nero(free)to burn the books to CD. PLUS, on the KOD book RJ gives an exclusive interview to Audible. He states he does not read his own books, but he does listen to see that the readers are getting the point of the books and makes corrections from that. Michael Crammer who does the male POV is an awesome reader, love his Ogier voices. Kate Redding on the other hand has a little trouble with some names, but when she does Egeanin's Saenchan voice mocking Bayle in his Illian accent she pulls it off perfectly. You can pick up all the books NS to KOD. I also recommend other series- The Song of Fire and Ice Enders Game Eragon The Golden Compass (more like a play the author does the narration all other parts are read other people) Magic Kingdom for Sale:Sold! You can't find it on Audible.com, but listen to the Harry Potter on tape too, the guy who read that did over 200 different voices and won an award for his reading. He is so good that you can know which character is talking. Also look for the several versions LOTR and The Hobbit. I should not say this but if you dirt poor you can find the all the WOT books minus KOD in one zip in a torrent file, but some the books are missing parts or get distortions. I think they were recorded from audio tapes to the PC and the tape player gets hosed up. And Yes, I love audio books, can't fall asleep without them.
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