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  1. Here is the quote from an ending of the book: After reading this I came to the conclusion that the Dark one got free again. And it says Fourth age, so if it was from the past it would write Third age, right?
  2. So, I am big fan of WoT (I haven't read it on English, so sorry if I misspell something), and I've read last book last night. But I remained confused with the ending. So I would like if someone would explain it to me: 1. So, Rand came out from the Bore carrying Moridin with him. They were both dying and couldn't be healed. How the hell did they change bodies so Moridin died and Rand stayed alive? They didn't use the Mirror of the Mist. How then? 2. Rand can't channel anymore, neither saidin nor true power. Wouldn't he die then? Every channeler died if he/she was cut off True Source. 3. If he was unable to channel, how did he lit that pipe? He just imagined it is being lit on and it did. It sounds like something you would do in Dream World. 4. When did Mat was cut off of the Horn? Heroes told him that it wasn't from his encounter with Eelfin, they told him it was something Rand did. What was it? 5. And most importantly, what was that last page of the book? They describe Dark One touching the world once again in Fourth Age. But Rand used all three powers to seal Dark One once and for all and he said no one could free him again. Please answer me so I can finally understand what has happened.
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