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  1. . I can understand that. For me, I think this time through I mostly felt as though he came to full acceptance of being Dragon at the end of The Great Hunt. TDR was certainly the book where he processes what that acceptance really *means*, and it is a curious authorial choice that we get to see so little of it. But I think it works at least in the sense of pacing: we at least feel Rand has had a very reasonable chunk of time offscreen during TDR to change from the out-of-his-depth Farmboy who is still very much evident even late in TGH, into the much colder, more calculating, "let's do this
  2. . Great responses, thanks. I had wondered, for example, if Jordan's writing improves in any way in the latter books -- you'd think he would get better/more mature in at least some respects, even if the late books are on the slow side. He gets a lot of flack for overwrought/tedious level of detail, but I usually don't mind much as long as it's effectively immersing me in the scene. Sometimes in the early books his descriptions are slightly incoherent. In my reread so far, Eye of the World is about as I remember -- decent intro/prologue to the series, but kind of a rushed, muddled en
  3. . I have only ever read the WOT series through LOC (book 6), and am currently embarking on a reread now that the whole series is done. Currently I'm as far as mid-Shadow Rising. In googling around to get a sense of people's reactions to the completed whole, I've noticed a definite trend: Books 1-6 (which I've read) are considered the best, Books 7-10 are considered pretty awful, and Books 11-14 are considered somewhat of a return to form, but with more mixed reviews than 1-6. Anyway, my question to this community is: Is there anyone who feels the books 7-10 (ACOS through COT
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