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  1. I was just wondering how the Seanchan ended up speaking in the English language as well as Randland. If they spoke the Old Tounge in Artur Hawkwing's time and they sailed across the ocean then what are the chances that they'd end up getting the exact same language as the Randland people? Anyone know how that happend??
  2. Hey heres something to do with the Slayer theory(although extremely unlikely ) . Asmo commented on once seeing a man hanging from a cliff clutching to a patch of grass, and when asked if he helped the man or not he gave no reply if im not mistaken. So according to the Dark Prophecy it said "Isam waiting in the High Passes", which most likely would have cliffs. So if Asmodean didnt help him and thought he fell and died, than Isam would probably be the person he would be most surprised to see out of anyone else . I have no evidence to support this at all and don't believe it myself but hey, ju
  3. I would choose Asmo. Cause then I'de know who killed me :D
  4. maybe when sammael was consumed, part of him is in Fain now because Fain is part Mordeth, and then Fain sent all those Trollocs after Rand
  5. Beowulf, in regards to what you said about him not being able to casually walk in and out..thats why im saying he'd have to have a connection with them to be able to do that. So thats my proof for there connection. And for the other thing you said, nobody said he couldn't be with the Finn's and be a SDF (Super Dark Friend) as well haha. Sorry about the run-on-sentances by the way:).
  6. Hey sorry but i gotta put this, feel free to shoot it down or whatever , and i dunno if someones came up with this or not but heres my theory on who killed asmodean..i think it was Luc/Isam k here it goes, so in the 4th book Luc was hiding in the Tower of Genji cause Perrin was chasing him, which is Finnland right? so obviosuly he has some connection with the Finns if he can go there when he wants, and so maybe Luc and Isam somehow got melded together like that cause of something the Finn's did?, so when Lanfear got into Finnland throught the doorframe, she could have had one of her wish
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