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  1. When I opened this topic I was expecting it to be the typical doldrums of books 7-9 - I have to confess I'm surprised TSR is getting you down - it's one of my favourite books in the series and I think generally viewed as a contender for one of the top 3. Sticking with it is a good idea IMO - books 5 and 6 are amazing, 7-9 are not fantastic but not bad, 10 is pretty slow but it's where things start to sort of begin coming together and the series really ramps up again by book 11 (Knife of Dreams) and by that point I (and I imagine MANY others) were desperately hungry to read more and more and more and more and more...
  2. It's a nice theory, one I haven't heard before. I like this particular aspect of WoT the most I think -that there are sooo many different theories people can come up with.
  3. For me it's a tie between Siuan and Lanfear. I hated Mat for the longest time but was won over by the end. Perrin I was the opposite; liked him early and hated him pretty much since Ghealdan.
  4. I guess I'll join the Elaida bandwagon though she's more my 2nd least favourite. Faile takes that crown for me. Do I even need to explain why?
  5. Would totally buy that. I'm surprised that something like this wasn't done by Tor to celebrate the 25th Anniversary.
  6. I pre-ordered a few weeks ago - that kindle price is nuts!
  7. Yeah I thought it was kind of a given that Min had been the source of that. I'm greatly looking forward to the companion this fall; I'm hoping it reveals some more about Moiraine.
  8. I think Demandred's so called interest in Ilyena is a figment of Lews Therin's addled mind; something invented subconsciously to increase rage / hatred for Barid Bel.
  9. I'd anticipate that this could even be a part of the Companion itself. Otherwise, yeah, it would be perfectly logical to wait until the Companion is released to avoid any conflicts or clashes or spoilers.
  10. I'm always hard pressed to decide but I think it's probably The Great Hunt. I'm not really sure why given it is still prologue really in terms of the bigger picture but it had pace, interesting characters (the introduction of several particularly important people) and felt like it could stand alone by itself as a story as well as slotting into its place in the overarching series.
  11. Not only Aes Sedai arrogance but somewhat typically idiosyncratic of Egwene and Elayne if you ask me.
  12. I'd be inclined to go either toward the Dragon Reborn or Salidar. There'd be no way of reasonably remaining within The Tower under Elaida.
  13. I liked Perrin for the first couple of books but for me the post-Faile stuff just dragged and dragged and dragged. I can't deny a lot of his activity in the last few books of the series was epic-scale stuff but I think on a fundamental level I just found him irritating. The three 'boys' all play the reluctant hero role at one point or another (in fact for most of the series IMO if you really think about it) but while Rand was emo about it and Mat was entertaining about it, Perrin was just dull.
  14. For better or worse the series is one of the greatest epics in the genre and has defined numerous imitators in its wake. As I posted before: be patient, stick with it. Arduous though it may be, if you're the kind of reader who loves this type of book then it will all be worthwhile in the end -- the light at the end of the tunnel as t'were is that by Knife of Dreams it does really start to get going again and the last three books (albeit finished by a different author) are three of the best in the entire series.
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