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  1. Sabio, Yes it is still a bit frustrating who Rand chooses to trust, and why. Currently on chapter 36, Rand recently took them to Toman Head using the portal stone, but it apparently took 13 weeks real time. Rand is again suspicious of Aes Sedai, this time Verin despite her doing nothing wrong thus far, and essentially tells her off when telling him he needs to reign in control over his power. She's again one of the few Aes Sedai who has no intention of gentling him, and he says he doesn't want her help, despite the remark being a pretty sound one. Control your power over the source, don't
  2. Presently, chapter 23. Moraine was just ambushed by the Draghkar. Not quite sure what Lan sees in Nyn, speaking of the previous chapter.
  3. Hello Mb, Yes I thought 18 was a bit young for the three boys - a bit of quick reading confirms this. Page 94 of the Great Hunt (ebook) has Moraine speaking of when Rand was born. "Nearly twenty years ago the Aiel crossed the Spine of the World, the Dragonwall, the only time they have ever done so. They ravaged through Cairhien, destroyed every ..........(a bit more story and down the page)....And Gitara Sedai started up out of her chair, her arms and legs rigid, trembling, her face as if she looked into the Pit of Doom at Shayol Ghul, and she cried out, ‘He is born again! I f
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone - I'll stay hopeful in that case :). I have read a bit more since then, and Rand's crazy mistrust for a figure who's saved his life on numerous occasions just keeps getting more and more insane. (SOME SPOILERS FOR BOOK 2 HERE ON OUT!) As they are pursuing the horn with Ingtar and his band they stopped for a night and Rand, Loial, and Hurin awake in a 'mirror world' Rand's FIRST suspicion is that Morraine has something to do with it. Seriously - as Sabio said, I understand they grew up with tales that Aes Sedai were essentially evil figures, but like I sa
  5. Hello everybody, new here and to the Wheel of Time series in general :) I'm hoping to keep spoilers to a very bare minimum, so bear with me! (I might spoil too for the first book and part of the second, so beware!) === So, I'm loving the book series and it's story so far (I'm reading them in publish order, so I'm on the second book), but one thing has been bugging me, and that's...well, most of the characters themselves. It's very hard to associate with Perrin, Mat, Rand, Nyn, or really anyone from Two Rivers. They all seem so intentionally dense. So far it feels like Lan
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