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  1. So I understand how people are protective of the series against other writers but there are a lot of good writers out there and despite what people think I liked hoe BS finished the series. But I think that there is a lot of material in the Matt-Tuon direction. It's almost a new series but has enough tie in it the wot works.
  2. First I thought the last 3 books fit the series as best as possible. In my own world I wish the ending was a little more concrete, I never like seeing an ending that is so open as Rands and his 3 ladies nor the adventures Matt and Tuon will have. I know people have a hard time accepting other writers to write in the worlds they love so much but there are so many good writers out there, that someone would do a great job describing the world Matt would find himself in trying to reclaim is errr Tuon's throne. Just as long as its not GRRM, everyone we like would die.
  3. well I was thinking that if a warder just gets older and dies due to being 90, does a natural death not cause the devastating effects of a warder death?
  4. So not sure if this has come up anywhere else, but does anyone think that there could be a matt/tuon spin off. I remember reading that there wasn't any notes for BS to continue the WOT(moors the pity of course), but what about going back to Tuons home land and work that angle and new prophecies and battles and intrigue?
  5. What happens to an aie sidai that lives 100 years in and the warder dies of old age? I get the warder will be a badass as long as he lives but if he grows old what happens?
  6. I think that at first they wOULD wine, I mean they where fine just being farm boys and now they are thrusted into something as big as saving the world. However there is a limit to fighting it and excepting it. I guess the main problem they would have is, is they never thought they would be incharge of other peoples lives especially when it comes to putting people in life and death situations. Hang in there, my issue is the female characters and there regards to males and where they fit in.
  7. Is their evidence that males do go mad that is not aes sedai based? They are stuck in their old ways and wouldn't change their view if it bit them in the face. Also if a male can channel and doesn't or does even a little sub consciously, will they go mad?
  8. So are there counts or records that show all male channelers go mad. Besides anything from the white tower. I don't trust anything they might come up with, there whole society is skewed away from anything male and anything they can't control. But I can't see how so many males are at the black tower or for that matter running around before the black tower. Or did I miss something. Again I am only 7 books in but.....
  9. Ok well I might not be far enough into the series but no one is moving away from this lack of intellectual integrity. However it is so aggravating. I guess that is the problem with knowing what all sides are truly thinking, but in have never seen it done so well as in this series.
  10. Uggghhhh. It is for that reason that I would never be a great leader. I could not think of a worse life then that of the ones that where the collar. Though I would have to imagine that there will be a huge migration out of sanchane territories. I am not a fan of aie sadi, but I would rather be there then in a collar. Not to mention certain secrets of who held the bracelet and their powers.
  11. Ok so I am only 5 books in the series and I know there is a long way to go till I am finished. However, I have read in forums as well as synopsis's that the seanchan become allies with rand and the "good guys", if you will, and I just can't see it with them still having collars and leashes. I am not one to worry over spoilers and having the books ruined for me, I need to know if they do become allies, are the forced to give up the leash and collars? If not, how can Rand accept them?
  12. Ok as long as I'm not the only one. It drives me thru the roof. I am not a fan of secrets and when close friends (in the book) keep secrets just to spite the other ones or the idea of manipulation. So far that's why I like Min (so far only at book 6), she is strong but doesn't like the bs of secrets and minipulations.
  13. So am I reading to much into it or not catching the irony, but it seems the main female characters seem to hate the traits in the male characters, and constantly berating them, yet turn around and do those traits. All the secrets and half truths and manipulations. I am sure half the deaths and arguments could have been avoided if people would just trust old friends. My thoughts, just had to put it out in the universe.
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