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  1. You're right of course, didn't even think about that. Atm I'm at chapter 24, that is page 544 in the version I'm reading. Slowly but surely moving forward. The last 50 pages or so have gotten increasingly interesting. . Yes. It certainly seems that way. However....it leads to a great payoff in the concluding book, at the series' end(aMoL) that is linked into the main story during it's most desperate and final hour. But I do agree with most fans, that plot should have been severely shortened. Four books of that stoyline is just nuts. Gaah! No spoilers please! Not that bad though ;) If you need inspiration, then abandon the series. If you don't like what you are reading then the whole thing is just a waste of time. Path is "dull", Winter is also "dull". Knife is a little bit better. As many people used to suggest: read the first six books, then forget the rest. Sanderson's books are terrible: Jordan's target audience was 14-114, Sanderson's target is under 12. Terrible writing, terrible characterization, making his own rules, you will not survive it. Not sure why you're posting in this thread since I did specifically ask for inspiration, not the other way around. Personally I feel that Elayne's arc is the worst part of CoT. I like her as a character, it's just that her struggles in Caemlyn is too long and feels like another side story. Too many details about rooms, dresses and all the small things Jordan could think about. Egwene's arc is not that amazing but it feels more grounded in the main storyline. As I said to mb, I've moved closer to the end. Chapter 24 now and I'm reading almost every day. Thanks again for your suggestions and discussions. It is, like I hoped for, inspirational.
  2. Well after writing this I had to read a bit at least. Egwene went to the tent where they make cuendillar, that was quite interesting. My brother read them all and he said the same thing. It was getting so frustrating that I had to get inspiration somewhere. Thanks for the tip about the reread. I will pause and go through those every now and then. Perhaps I'll even use the rereads until I find sections that I find interesting. I think I might be extra frustrated since the sidestepping already started in Path of Daggers. I don't really have a favorite (although I'm leaning a bit towards Perrin), it's more that I don't like it when there's a pause from the main story. There is a lot of Perrin in KoD but that feels like a focus on Faile, which I don't like at all haha. When I was younger I read a lot of Stephen King and he had a tendency to do the same thing. "Oh, this is interesting, let's explain this in great detail shall we!" Can't wait to get to it! I'm probably just too impatient :). Now I'm about 200 pages from the end and at this point I can summarize how I wish this book would be. If Jordan would start the book with talking about the results of what happened at the end of Winter's Heart I would have been satisfied. I am interested in how the others are doing but I wish he would have written it shorter and faster. What Egwene and Elayne are doing are certainly things that has to be done but it didn't have to be so much about it. Perrin hunting for Faile is what I like the least. That's a true sidestory if something ever was. I'm curious how it's going to unfold of course, if it could unfold yesterday ;). Thanks a lot everyone for your replies and helping an impatient Swede getting through to the end.
  3. I've been enjoying the series up until now. What a storyteller Jordan is. Unfortunately this book is getting the best of me. I used to try and sneak away from people every now and then just to be able to read one page. Now I have time but I don't want to read anymore. The end of Winter's Heart is one of my favorite parts of the series so far. What an event! I couldn't wait to start reading Crossroads of Twilight. Now I've read over 400 pages and still only a few mentions about that. The adventures of Mat, Egwene and Elayne is important sure but did the main story take a break? Did Jordan get tired of the Dragon? Not only that, it feels like Jordan is taking extra care to explain every little detail of what people are thinking, how the environment looks and small things people do. Someone comes up to Egwene to talk, let's not talk straight away but walk for three pages before something is said. To be blunt, it's really boring. Now then, after this rant, the reason why I'm here. I want to finish the series but I need some inspiration. Is Knife of Dreams better? How about the books that Sanderson wrote? Anything to keep me going. It's getting late here in Sweden so I'm going to pop into Tel'aran'rhiod for a short time then get some proper sleep. Thanks //Reach
  4. A few years after the first book was published I started reading. After a while I got tired of waiting all the time so I decided to start again when it was finished. Took up the first book again a few months back. Atm I'm reading "Crossroads of Twilight." Will probably take a few months before I finish.
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