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  1. Lyanna, I completely agree with you for the most part. At some point a protagonist has to realize "I have this power, I need to make the best of my situation and stop whining about the circumstances I'm in." It's funny because my father is actually reading the series and exactly where you are, and last weekend he called me to make precisely the same complaint. Sure it's justified that they could be upset because they were content in their home, and now everyone seems to want them dead. But when you're given power and told you are key players in the world, you have to accept your situation and move on. It makes it tough to love my favorite characters when they are constantly complaining. They're both awesome and slightly annoying. But the series is my favorite of all time so I deal with it and keep reading on (I'm on Crown of Swords).
  2. I find it amazing after reading this thread that so many people were using completely different pronunciations. I'm about to start book 7 and I'm debating using the correct ones or continuing to use mine. Some of these correct pronunciations blow my mind. It seems like RJ is a huge fan of using as many syllables as possible. I guess from now on when I hear new names I'll just have to assume every vowel is sounded out, even if there are 3 in a row. Anyway here are my pronunciations thus far: Amys = AY miss Aiel = Ale Birgitte = BURR Jitt Cairhien = CARE in Elaida = uh LAY duh Ogier = OH gear Morgase = more GACE Rhuidean = rue ID ee an Saidar = say DAR Saidin = say DEEN Taim = Tame Aes Sedai = AIZ suh DIE Semirhage = SEM mer ridge Shaido = SHAY dough Egwene = EGG ween Nynaeve = NIN ay eve Suian = this name is nonsense to me. I think i just read it and don't even sound it out in my head. Seanchan = SANE chan Aviendha = AV ee EN duh It's amazing because some of them I would have thought were fairly obvious before reading the correct pronunciations aformentioned. Also I'm well aware that the way I'm typing my pronunciation is not the proper form in the slightest but it makes sense to me. Advice: Should I start using the correct names? I want the full experience of this series because it's incredible, but the real names seem harder to pronounce and I think might actually make it more difficult to fluidly read.
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