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  1. At the time of my post, I had all BUT 100 pages left in reading the whole novel. I had skimmed the earlier length to try and review if my questions had been answered where I might have missed them. I actually have finished the entire series fully now and really, really wish there were more. Also, after reading some of these replies, I remembered that Mat was indeed reincarnated after Aemon, or so the suspicion was made in the book. Furthermore, I also remember that Emonds Field was also named for Aemon. The survivors of Manetheren escaped into the Mountains of Mist and when they came down
  2. I'm new to DM and am almost finished with the series. Less than 100 pages left in MoL. I feel like there a few things missing that I haven't gotten answers to yet. Where did Mat's memories come from? Any person in particular? Is Perrin supposed to be a mythical reincarnation like Rand? What is the significance of the Red Eagle of Manatheren? The story kind of leads to unanswered clues but after reviewing the books, no answers.
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