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  1. Thanks BB! Favourite character is a really hard choice... I enjoyed many of the characters in the books, and Jordan developed all of his characters really well. But I guess overall I would have to pick Mat or Aviendha. I really enjoyed reading their parts in the stories, mainly because of their personalities. I also enjoyed Nynaeve for her short temper and the passion she had for Lan. I will definitely have to check out the social groups, and dig deeper into the discussion boards once I manage to get a break from work :)
  2. Hey everyone! I am Jenn, and I am from a majestic little town in Atlantic Canada. Just finished reading the Wheel of Time series, and enjoyed it so much that I decided to join these forums! Had a really difficult time not looking up things about the books online while reading them. But now that I am finished, I guess it can't hurt! Picked up "Eye of the World" one day at the library, and it hooked me from the first chapter. So then I had to buy all of them. Took me 6 months to read from start to finish, New Spring included. It was a very well written series, and I am actually sad to have finished them all. Wish there were more of these books to read! Looking forward to being able to chat with some fellow fans!
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