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  1. Well looks like I will read through book 3, I will reserve my judgments until then. To address the pacing, yes I felt as though it was not well paced but that typically doesn't kill a book for me(didn't stop me from enjoying LotR and god knows how overly descriptive that book is). I really never cared about the characters due to them either being pretty much unbelievable or so 1 dimensional they are boring, also the climax of the last battle felt so out of place and unearned I never felt immersed. Not to say it is the worst book I have read but; overhyped.
  2. Hi there, I just finished eye of the world, and I want to say... That was one of the most contrived stories with a cast of completely 1 dimensional characters. I have heard so many times about the wheel of time as though it is the best fantasy series of all time and I find myself thinking that the hobbit(of all books) had more interesting characters than teotw. So is there anything in this series I should look into before I pass it up?
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