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    I do so love to write, and Jordan... may very well be my inspiration, if not my ink role model.
  1. Many thanks to you, you who has welcomed me. :) Potter one who is known for his mischief?? XP
  2. Greetings all.... I actually made an account before but in the chaos of Time's ravaging hand and school and graduating...my last password has fallen from consciousness. Well, any who.... Great to be here!! Also....how does one alter their profile name....? I feel rather dense that I cannot find the appropriate solution but asking never hurt anyone.
  3. *smiles gently* I am happy to be here. I am sure all the food and drink is grand... *winks* Oh, I assure you I have no intention on going back anytime soon. Too much to see!!
  4. Listening to Nightwish

  5. Doth one simply come upon lost family without tears of joy, or exclamations of happiness? I think not... So. I extend a hello to all you beautiful people who share the same love that smolders inside me for the Wheel of Time series. I started reading when I was merely 15. My father, who recommended the series (quite strongly, I might add), created within me, a devote Wheeler. He was the start of the chain reaction, and now; I cannot but positively adore and cherish this series.
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