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  1. I'm glad this generated a debate (BTW Gawyn for me is more annoying, he is alright in the first few books and then he just becomes ridiculous!) I like Faile but she is really stubborn and annoying in book 4 that I am listening to now and I'm glad Perrin is not bowing to her silly demands!
  2. how does the benefits system raise the prices of those things? If benefits = retirement funds/insurance for retired government workers and the like. Than that gets passed onto the consumers through taxes.. both corporate, and income. Though, that is relatively minor in the whole of the economy. (Just like Obama's wage, being close to 500k/yr is nearly irrelevant to our total budget.) Now, forcing minimum wage earners, to pay for medical insurance.. (specially in states that don't take part of the federal funding to help them pay for it) pretty much lowers the total pool of money they have to work with, when it comes to there cost of living. (QOL goes down.. which is just another argument for nixing obama-care and going straight up federal-run health-care and killing insurance all together.) But that's mostly irrelevant to the topic... Aside from the idea that a raise to the minimum wage, would increase the bottom's QOL, by increasing that pool that just got decreased. Sorry slightly mixed language as I am UK based, over here we have benefits for child care, housing and the alike which whilst in principle was a good thing actually lead to landlords putting rents further up and childcare costs rocketed
  3. I meant in a short sharp shock, if NMW was to be raised by 50% I would expect it to be harmful but if say over 10 years it was 2% above inflation each time then this would be beneficial. But I am not an economist so it is only my best guess
  4. It might be but we make it British by moaning about it
  5. Do the British thing, borrow a caravan, go to Wales, sit in caravan all week as it hums it down with rain!
  6. For me, in principle a NMW is a good thing, in realistic terms I feel it destroys natural supply and demand and ultimately instead of having a pyramid with say 1000 (numbers for illustrative purposes) pay levels this gets reduced year on year as more and more jobs become acceptable to be paid at NMW and the pyramid becomes flatter. It is effectively a target and I feel a barrier for employment movement as people become accustomed to this pay whereas before say the supermarkets paid £5 (NMW in UK is £6.31) an hour people would use it as a stop gap and move as soon as possible to a better paid job, now there is this acceptance that NMW is where they should aim for pay wise. Something else that grinds me is the benefit system, the governments past and present have dug themselves a hole by providing benefits which has pushed the cost of living up (rents, utilities, childcare, food etc) and whilst again the principle is great it was ill thought out and I would expect alot of people are in the same position as X years ago and its costing the government billions to maintain the status quo. It will take years to get away from this dependancy because forcing employers to pay more quickly won't work and cutting benefits to quick will cause more issues. I wouldn't want to be an MP!
  7. Rick Grimes won. I thought the walking dead was pretty pap this season, we need to see more entrapped humans with hoards swamping around a building taking down half the human clan with some awesome fighting scenes. Not these human emotion rubbish that they are going down!
  8. I've had a look and don't really get what happens at these places? I know cosplay but is it like a trade show and u just wander round look at stalls with the occasional talk and alike?
  9. I liked the cake more really, and he's ok in the books but I prefer Perrin even if he was self obsessed with rescuing Faile :)
  10. Are you from India or did you move there Panchi?
  11. I did try and get a picture of an icebox but its struggling for some reason so imagine it I'm afraid lol! Thats nuts though regarding electric not being on ALL the time, shows what we take for granted I guess sometimes. Imagine when the zombie apocalypse comes and there is no leccy, only those with solar power will survive and then those will get over run by gangs and so on. it's so bad :)
  12. lol Nikon at the terminology points.... :) Ithilian....dam right about the sponge.....creates utter miracles and some don't even need that (Suarez against Norwich a few weeks ago!)
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