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  1. Kaelen Daltara had been staring at the white speck upriver for several hours, since it appeared this morning. Visible long before the rest of Tar Valon drew near, as the River Trout trudged its way upriver on the Erinin. The vessel was bearing a cargo full of wheat to Tar Valon, as well as a dozen fine Tairen carpets for the White Tower. Waiting for Southharbor to appear, he thought back through the events leading him here. Kaelen had joined the crew to pay his way to Tar Valon, and he had been lucky to find a vessel in need of an extra hand at Aringill. When Kaelen had finished the journe
  2. Do I get a Weapon Score? I thought that was assigned at this step.
  3. Yay. I'm approved. Could you increase the font size of that a couple points? It's too small to read. Thanks
  4. Hello, I just joined here and was wondering, before creating a character to join in the rp, when in the timeline of the books is the community roleplaying right now? I'm a longtime WoT fan and finished aMoL last year. I'm looking forward to having some great RP on here with you all. Is there a 'newbie primer' thread somewhere? If so, please direct me to it. Do the Warders or Band have their own website page? I saw the WT http://whitetower.aliciawilkerson.com/ and BT http://blacktowerdiv.wordpress.com/about/ pages regarding character design and roster. I was planning to make a Warder,
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